20 People Online Are Discussing “What Screams Trashy Parents?”

Published 2 years ago

Parents are somehow actively or passively responsible for their kids’ physical, emotional and mental health, and thus it is important for them to behave nicely.

However, some parents just don’t know how to treat their kids the right way. When someone on Reddit asked, “What screams trashy parents?”, many people shared things that they consider as wrong parent behavior.

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Image source: SternCoats, Scott Webb

There is a kid (maybe 8-10 years old) on the other side of my street right now yelling slurs and telling everyone who walks by to go f**k themselves while their parent sits on the porch smoking weed and laughing. This is a regular occurrence. I’m fairly certain the kid has a mental disorder but the fact that the parent seems to be encouraging the behavior is pretty trashy.


Image source: MintyPastures, Chewy

Too many pets. Like…way too many to the point where they don’t really take care of them.


Image source: hopefulleo2112, Limor Zellermayer

Making your kids take care of their siblings instead of them having a life.


Image source: Express_Topic_4081, Vitolda Klein

Having so many that you can’t properly care for them all, or having the older kids care for the younger ones most of the time.


Image source: Rooster-Wild, Ivan Samkov

Social media influencers whose entire content is their children. People who publically punish their kids online, parents who give out way to many details about their children giving them lack of privacy. Child exploitation at its finest.


Image source: makeski25, Hanson Lu

Kids running around a store trashing the place and not a parent in sight.


Image source: Available_Dress1405, OPPO Find X5 Pro

Having a favorite child.


Image source: anon, Jana Sabeth

When I see a 5 year old in nothing but a diaper, and a pacifier to shut them up.

I’m not saying those are always indications of it. But when I show up to babysitting job. And there’s a clearly-to-old for a diaper kiddo greeting me. I’m probably going to meet some trashy parents.


Image source: metzgermeister87, Carla Schizzi

Babies with pierced ears.


Image source: Kreema29, RODNAE Productions

Changing your kids diaper in a Walmart parking lot and throwing the diaper full of s**t on the ground for someone else to deal with.


Image source: WuffGang, Jill Wellington

Force them into beauty pageants as toddlers.


Image source: Salt-Direction4885, Jon Flobrant

Mothers who sees their daughter as competition.


Image source: InfiniteWords117, Keira Burton

Kids destroying other people’s stuff/property and the parents are just standing there and laughing like it’s a form of amusement. Once went into a older movie store and there was a child bashing the glass with his ball and throwing the movies all over the floors. The mother (presumedly) let her child continue to do that despite others’ protests including the manager’s. I don’t fault the child, doesn’t know any better. The mother should’ve been asked to leave the store with her son.


Image source: lobsters_love_butter, brokinhrt2

When I waited tables in college, I saw a mother fill her young toddler’s bottle with Coca-cola. I thought it was just horrible.


Image source: Edward_the_Dog, Ron Lach

I lost count of how many parent conferences I had that went like this:

Me: You child’s grades and behavior are horrible.

Them: I don’t know what to do! I’ve tried everything!

Me: Like what?

Them: I took their PS5 away, and their XBOX360, but then they went crazy, so I gave it back to them.

Me: So you tried like nothing?


Image source: Difficult_Shine3675, Anastasia Shuraeva

When their kids could literally set the world on fire and they’ll blame anyone else to avoid responsibility.


Image source: 2leewhohot, Jonas Leupe

Smoking in the car with the kids in the back.


Image source: SuvenPan, Zhivko Minkov

Parents emotionally blackmailing their kids. Using guilt and obligation to control their children.


Image source: ColtenLance, bruce mars

Watching YouTube videos on their phone at full volume without headphones while in a public place.


Image source: bumblingbirdy, Maksim Goncharenok

Kids that smell like smoke because their parents smoke indoors.

It was my parents. Everybody hated when we came over because everything we’d touch would smell like cigarettes as well. Couldn’t convince my parents to smoke outside of the home because “it’s their house and they’ll do as they please”.

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