20 “Green Flags” That Signalled These People To Move Ahead In A Relationship, As Shared In This Online Thread

Published 2 years ago

It’s difficult to understand a person in the initial phase of a relationship. The more time you spend with the person, the more you become aware of their talents and flaws. However, certain ‘red flags’ or ‘green flags’ appear right at the beginning of a relationship that many people don’t pay much attention to.

While ‘red flags’ are more often discussed, let’s talk about the positive factors of relationships today. Just as there are red flags to warn you, there are green flags to give you a signal for moving forward in a new relationship. Someone asked on r/AskReddit, “Those of you Redditors in happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationships, what were the “green flags” you noticed about your partner early on in your relationship with them?” and many people revealed the sweet little things that they noticed early in their relationships. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: Electronic-Worry4666

I noticed that people genuinely liked him, even strangers. And he’d smile at babies.


Image source: Todbringe98

“Being able to discuss anything, even flaws, without them/me getting mad. Communication is the most important thing in a healthy relationship. (Love is just as important though, I guess).”


Image source: Sir_Loin-Steak

“I hate being tickled, but am very ticklish. She discovered it early in the relationship, and I asked her once to not tickle me. She has never tickled me again in the following 10 years. Just shows respect.”


Image source: CounterTouristsWin

“Before my wife and I were dating, I very quickly noticed that she always invited the loners to join in the conversation. If she noticed someone we knew sitting alone she’d always extended an invitation to join or ask their opinion.”


Image source: noahlantz

“I have an autistic sister. Shes currently 20 with the mental capacity of a three year old. Not everyone knows how to handle that. Well, 4 years ago when my girlfriend met my family, the two immediately became best friends. My girlfriend has always cared so much for my sister and would even sit with her while I wasn’t home so my mom could go have a life for herself.

To this day, my sister smiles and laughs like a mad man when she see my girlfriend. I don’t know how much information she can retain but theyve always loved eachother, and I think my gf has had a huge impact on her life.”


Image source: MissIscariot

“I was able to express my emotions and thoughts without him getting angry or judgy. He fearlessly lets me have my feelings without trying to change them, we talk them out and it feels so much better afterwards. I feel like I could tell him absolutely anything, so the trust between us is more solid than I’ve ever had with anyone else.

Gah, he’s just the best.

Also hot af.”


Image source: Sexy_Sideburns_Guy

“Early on, she encouraged me to be more like me. Things that other people in my life didnt like about me or things that my ex told me not to do, she would embrace. things like taking risks on new hobbies, seeking attention in conversations, my particular humor; she liked these things about me.

All of that, and of course dat a*s! – Truth.”


Image source: Travel_The_World

“He can laugh at himself.”


Image source: Cigbraz

“I have Crohn’s disease and was always kinda ashamed to be with someone, even if is just for a night. When I started dating her I thought I won the lottery. Zero fear of what she would think becouse she was always so good to me and supportive, even in the bathroom. Best girlfriend ever.”


Image source: ChockBox

“I grew up in an angry, volatile home. Anything could make the “adults” snap and go on a rampage.

When my then boyfriend, now husband, and I came home to find a major leak in the bedroom ceiling, which had leaked all over the bed and caused significant damage, he just flatly said, “Well, sh*t.” And called the building manager. No screaming, no throwing things, no blaming anyone, just a calm acceptance and then action to rectify the problem. We’re going on 16 years married and 20 years together.”


Image source: ecmc

“When the other ladies at my work place were airing their complaints about their spouses, and I couldn’t think of a single thing to contribute to the conversation.”


Image source: stephndunne

“I’d rather spend time with her doing nothing than doing something with anyone else.”


Image source: addicted_to_blistex

“The first time we had sex I got my period and didn’t realize until we were done and I went to the bathroom to pee. It wasn’t a ton of blood but I know it was enough to have gotten on him and the sheet. I walked out of the bathroom and he was standing in the doorway of the room and said something like “is everything okay? Did you get your period or something?” And then we both smiled big and started cracking up and he was totally cool and sweet. The next morning he invited me to go sheet shopping with him because he “needed new ones anyway and wants me to like the ones he picks”.

That was about 9 years ago.”


Image source: Rat_of_Sunshine

“Being around him recharged me instead of draining me like most social interactions do.

Together ten years and getting ready to announce our engagement!”


Image source: frustrated_away8

“My partner never made fun of me or acted condescending when I didn’t know something. They were also humble when it came to gaps in their knowledge too.”


Image source: pm_me_your_fancam

“It’s the little things, really. Like he will always respond and pay attention to me when I called his name, even if it’s for mundane stuff like me wanting to point out there’s a snail on the pavement.”


Image source: dirtyw82

“We trusted each other to go out alone and have fun with friends of the opposite sex. No jealousy, just faith that you’d do the right thing.

Source: with her for 14 years and marries for 9.”


Image source: unfollowingyou

“I confessed about my anxiety disorder and he didn’t use it to his advantage or make me feel broken or guilty for it.”


Image source: djkmart

“She isn’t afraid to have a different opinion than mine, but she always hears me out and she ALWAYS supports me.

Every time I phrase something about myself in a negative way, she reframes it for me in a different light and more often than not it pulls me out of a dark mood. In my previous relationship I felt awfully critiqued for just being the person who I was, and that critique would often make me feel guilty for not meeting the standards set for me by my SO. Now that I’ve got a partner who celebrates who I am, I realise all along that I’ve been holding myself back from just doing what makes me happy.”


Image source: Yivo9

“Evaluating my needs, something as simple as offering me some of their water after getting it for themselves.”

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