Man Asks Pet Store For A Refund On Dog Food After His Dog Passes Away, Receives Refund Along With An Oil Painting And A Heartwarming Message

Published 5 years ago

Losing your pet is a heartbreaking experience – after all, it feels like losing your family member and best friend. This recently happened to a man named Joseph Inabnet – he lost his beloved pug, Bailey. However, in an unexpected turn of events, one pet store helped the man cope with his loss by sending him a heartwarming message.

After Bailey passed away, Joseph tried to return an unopened bag of food to a pet store called Chewy. He simply wanted his $70 back but what he received was so much more than just money.

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The response and kindness of the pet store left Joseph pleasantly surprised. The man posted the whole story on Facebook and it instantly went viral.

Chewy not only return Joseph the money but also sent him an oil painting of Bailey along with a heartwarming message.

This seemingly simple gesture shows just how much the company cares about its customers.

“It’s hard to say goodbye to a loved one. They will always be remembered and cherished. With heartfelt sympathy, ‘Pets come into our lives, leave Paw Prints on our hearts and we are forever changed.’
We’re sending lots of love and positive thoughts. If you ever need anything, we’re always here. Warmly, the chewy Family,” reads the card.

Chewy responded to Joseph’s post with another message showing support.

People loved the pet store’s response

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