12 Mesmerizing Photos Of Ballerinas From Above Captured By Photographer Brad Walls

Published 4 years ago

Ballet is probably one of the most majestic and mesmerizing dances out there, and to showcase its beauty, Australian aerial photographer Brad Walls decided to capture it from a different perspective using a drone.

Brad got into drone photography 2 years ago when he picked up a semi-professional drone to document his travels around Southeast Asia. During these years, the photographer refined his aesthetic through constant experimentation on various subjects, like Olympians and pools.

Whilst looking for a ballerina to shoot, Brad contacted Montana Rubin, a member of the Australian Ballet, who couldn’t perform on stage due to the pandemic. “The photoshoot was quite planned, with 2 different locations featuring aesthetics — one a warehouse contrasting against the soft elements of the ballet and the second an event space with beautiful tiles,” explained the photographer. “I wasn’t too familiar with ballet before doing the shoot so I had zero expectations. After the shoot and upon looking back at the imagery, I was surprised at how seemingly effortlessly Montana was able to get into positions as well as creatively direct herself based on my feedback.”

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#1 Degage Derrière

#2 Ombre Un

Brad says it was imperative to pay homage to the art of Ballet while adding a new, modern spin to this traditional art form. “One time during the shoot, I asked Rubin to ‘play’ with the shadow created by her movements via the light. Watching her truly lose herself in her art form was truly a spine-tingling moment and a moment that a photographer can end up waiting many years to experience — if they get to experience it at all,” said the photographer.

See more of Brad’s stunning aerial photos of ballet dancers in the gallery below!

#3 Délicate

#4 Le Partage

#5 Black Délicate Swan

#6 White Swan

#7 Ombre Trois

#8 La Puissance

#9 Supple Together

#10 Ombre Deux

#11 Gracieuse

#12 La Pose

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