Photographer Pops Balloons Filled With Water, And It Is The Most Satisfying Thing Ever

Published 6 years ago

Edward Horsford is a London-based photographer that creates split-second water balloon explosions. His shots are not only very pleasant to look at but it also takes a lot of work and preparation to make each shot unique. In an interview with DIYPhotography, Horsford explained how he captures these incredible shots: “Most of my shots have the balloons filled with water (and some dye usually). I have tried spraying them and various other ideas, but have yet to get something I’m happy posting.”

Hosford also explained the way he makes the balloons pop so nicely: “Generally I use smallish balloons so that when filled the rubber is very taught (it’s actually quite a challenge to find balloons of the right size). I have a long piece of sharpened steel rod that I use to do the popping. I can mount it on a stand or in the air.” It took him a lot of time to make these shots as he customized his equipment for it to be able to adapt to these very complex and exact shots.

Scroll down to see the results of Hasford’s hard work!

(h/t mmm | DIYPhotography)

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