This Woman Builds Stunning Sustainable Homes From Bamboo In Bali

Published 9 years ago

Elora Hardy takes the bamboo house idea and runs with it, building magnificent structures made from an extremely sustainable material. She and her company Ibuku have already built many structures, including the Green School, Green Village and the magnificent Sharma Springs villa. These building proves that bamboo can not only be used for shelter, but to also create luxury. The curved form of the bamboo influenced the shape of the building and the doors . And while there are steel nails used at important structural points, most of the building is held together by bamboo nails.

Bamboo grows fast and has similar tensile strength to steel and the compression resistance of concrete, all points that Hardy raises on her TED talk. It’s also light which makes it easy to transport. However, it’s vulnerable to bugs and the elements – two key limitations that had to be overcome (via use of natural salts) even before they started building.

Elora Hardy comes from Bali and she returned there after a 10-year stint in New York. She created the Ibuku company to build bamboo houses in Bali, to prove bamboo as a suitable material for building. The company sources their material from independent bamboo clumps owned by individual families. And what set Hardy on her path? Her mom asked 9-year-old Hardy to draw her dream house… and then built it.

More info: | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: treehugger)

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Elora Hardy’s TED talk on building bamboo houses:

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