Turn Your Beard Into A Christmas Tree With These Beard Baubles

Published 10 years ago

If you think that the beard decoration trend has already been exhausted, you couldn’t be more wrong. With Christmas coming up, men with a considerable amount of facial hair can now try on a brand new ornament for it – Beard Baubles.

This extravagant accessory was created by Grey London, an advertising agency, for their annual Christmas greeting card for their customers. This year, however, the two designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford decided to go a little further by releasing this accessory as a separate product for pogonophiles to enjoy.

The Beard Baubles were an instant success, as the accessory vanished from the shelves as quickly as it appeared. However, the creators have promised that their £5.00 ($7.80) 14-item accessory package will soon hit stores for a second wave of madness.

More info: beardbaubles.tictail.com (h/t: dailymail)

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