30 Times This Dedicated Online Page Shared Mind-Blowing Jewelry Pieces

Published 1 year ago

Are you a jewelry lover? How many jewelry pieces do you wear on a daily basis? Well, I don’t wear any but I love to collect blingy beautiful ornaments. Because why not!

Turns out, there is a dedicated online group called r/Jewelry for all the jewelry lovers out there. We’ve collected some of the most stunning jewelry pieces from the group, check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 This Was My Great Grandmas Ring Which Made Its Way To Me. Its Blue Topaz And Diamond. Has Anyone Ever Seen A Gemstone Cut Like This?

Image source: Hbj0002

#2 Amethyst Deer Skull

Image source: CropCircleCat

#3 Solid Sterling Silver With Resin And Glow Pigment So The Pieces Charge Naturally By Absorbing Light To Emit Light. Made By Me

Image source: anicirl

#4 My Custom Made Solar System Necklace! I’m A Space Nerd And Came Here For A Little Extra Appreciation For This Work Of Art

Image source: oysterace17

#5 Beautiful Ring Made By My Late Grandfather. He Was Not Professional – This Was Only A Hobby. Meant To Represent A Black And White Hand, More Meaningful Knowing He Was South African (Alive During Apartheid)

Image source: ciarajade1

#6 Anniversary Present For My Beautiful Wife!

Image source: jd-mpmx

#7 I Made An 14k Golden Duck-Ring With Diamond Eyes.. Because Duck

Image source: submissivecaveman

#8 I Hired A Wee Dragon To Guard My Gem

Image source: liyote

#9 Floating Star Rings In Silver

Image source: laughcrylivedie

#10 Raspberry And Blueberry Barrette Made By Me From Polymerclay

Image source: Madlenart

#11 Made This One For A Client- Drawing By Her Daughter

Image source: heypomelo

#12 Faceted And Carved This Piece Of Roman Glass For A Future Piece Of Jewelry, Circa 50 Bc

Image source: borborygmiDNA

#13 14k Gold Male And Female Penguin Pendants I Designed. The One With Egg Is A Male

Image source: SecilEldek

#14 Wanted To Share Some Of The Adorable Little Teeny Tiny Hand Painted 3D Resin Bee Pendants I Create. I Use The Proceeds From These To Donate To Bee Conservation

Image source: DontchaWish87

#15 A Sapphire And Diamond Ring Recovered From The Titanic In 1987

Image source: _The_Wierd_Kid_

#16 I Was Gifted A Ring And It Wasn’t My Style So I Made It My Style. I Love It. Jeweler Is Giacomelli Based On La

Image source: FrancisART

#17 Opal Ring Gifted To Me By My Mother In Law. It Was Her Mother’s Ring. It’s Absolutely Beautiful!

Image source: ritzbitz06

#18 My 21st Birthday Present From My Parents

I worked with the talented jeweler to create this unique depiction of ‘Narya’, the ring of fire from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Garnet and 9ct gold. I tried to incorporate flames and elven motifs. I’m really happy with how it turned out!


Image source: ciraadgi

#19 So In Love With This Amethyst Necklace I Made

Image source: ArielsCrystalJewelry

#20 I Just Made This Poppy Ring And I Wanted To Share It Here

Image source: rayxamelia

#21 Just Wanted To Share Some New Rings I Made

Image source: laughcrylivedie

#22 What Do You Guys Think Of My New Ring?

Image source: filthybee_

#23 Moonstone And Diamond Ring I Recently Made

Image source: grey-orange-grey

#24 Wanted To Share The Ring I Designed And Commissioned For My 21st Birthday! I Love Disney Films And Was Inspired By Rapunzel’s Crown In The Movie Tangled!

Image source: Noble_Assassin

#25 Baguette Diamond Ring With Gradient Diamonds And Gold Detailing By Artemer

Image source: unic0rnism

#26 Baby Pearl Ring

Image source: lustergems

#27 Gold Ring 14k ( 3.03 Grams ) With 4 Natural Sapphires ( 2 X 4 Mm )

Image source: JaimeStoneCutting

#28 My Sketch -> Jeweler’s Skilled Hands -> My Finished Pendant!

Image source: BroccoliNo8152

#29 This Lovely Vintage Pendant Was Just Passed Down To Me From My Grandmother. Rose Quartz And Amethyst. Has A Secret Compartment!!

Image source: brittlebittle

#30 Amazed With These Tulip Earrings I Ordered Yesterday And Received Today

Image source: OwlPeetz

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