30 Wonderful Tattoo Ideas That Might Inspire You To Get One

Published 1 year ago

If you are looking for some tattoo inspiration, then you might have already searched google images. From minimal to elaborate, you’ll find all sorts of tattoos when you start looking for inspiration. However, choosing a tattoo according to your preference and style is not an easy task.

So, today we scoured through the subreddits r/tattoo and r/tattoos and gathered 30 amazing tattoos shared by various folks. Check out the most creative and interesting ones in the gallery below.

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#1 My Little Trash Cat By Zzizziboy In Seoul, South Korea

Image source: hootandahalf

#2 Done By Chris Rigoni At Bloodlines Ink In Perth, Western Australia

Image source: thatonecritter713

#3 My Dad Died On December 15, 2016. Today, I Got A Tattoo

Image source: 42dftba

#4 Calvin And Hobbes Embroidery Patch By Duda Lozano In Sao Paolo, Brazil

Image source: Reddit__PI

#5 Scar “Cover Up” I Did The Other Day. Now She’s Got Her Best Friend Looking Back At Her :) Done Be Me – Adam Makharita (@adamdeanart) At Dot. Creative Group In NYC

Image source: adamdeanart

#6 2.500 Years Old Tattoo

Image source: JaspionCY

#7 Entropy By Cavan@gritnglory, NYC

Image source: Itsjustcavan

#8 My Arm, Done Today In One 8 Hour Sitting By Hannah Flowers Of No Regrets In London UK. What’d Ya Think?

Image source: ThorgrinHaphazard

#9 Honey Bees For A Pair Of Married Beekeepers, By Keith C (Me) At Spinning Needle Tattoos In Ft Worth

Image source: Fidellio

#10 My Cat, Meonji, By Yeonno In Hongdae, Seoul Korea. It’s My First Tattoo Ever And Took 11 Hours

Image source: goyangimamma

#11 Wildflowers By Jing From Jing’s Tattoo Studio In Flushing, NY

Image source: Reddit__PI

#12 My Brother, My Sister And Me (Triplets) Finally Decided To Get Our First Tattoo

Image source: Noah_Keulen

#13 My Grandma & Grandpa – By Eli Wood At Lombard Street Tattoo In Portland!

Image source: sydken

#14 Very Fine Ear Piece Done By Kevin At Black Bear Ink, Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

Image source: Eurwen4

#15 Fresh Pink Panther/ Tiger On The Chest By Manh Huynh At Freedom Inks, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Image source: manwiththebanana

#16 My First Tattoo. Done By Shinya At Studio Muscat, Tokyo (8 Months Ago)

Image source: Vilas1

#17 Golden Balloon Dog Made By Me, Pony Lawson At My Shop Mayday! Tattoo Co In Chicago

Image source: PonyDanger

#18 Tattoo By Alba, Long Story Tattoo, Prague | Artwork By Mahdieh Farhadkiaei, Iran

Image source: verriable

#19 Left Healed , Right Fresh. Both Will Be Touched Up (I Am An Apprentice)

Image source: marcelust

#20 My First Tattoo(S). Geometric/Forest/Nature Theme. By Justine Nordine @ The Raw Canvas In Grand Junction, Co

Image source: Kyle95670

#21 My Wifes Fresh ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ Tattoo Done By Tara At Mooresville Tattoo Company, Mooresville Nc

Image source: plasticbagroadkill

#22 Got My Foot Done By Castlebasas In La, California

Image source: faucherie

#23 A Bobby Pin- Done By Billy Gamble At Top Secret Tattoo, Waco, Tx

Image source: terminalbachelor

#24 Fish Bones, Done By Trevor Varem, Mission Tattoo Parlour, Calgary Alberta

Image source: Holdenl2121

#25 Kiddo Created A Crazy Creature Out Of Construction Paper So I Had My Tattoo Artist Interpret It!

Image source: jhscobie

#26 Flowers Done At First Class Tattoo, NYC

Image source: Gremlin_157447744576

#27 Dark Floral Sleeve By Jacob, An Artist At Til Death Denver

Image source: tatuator

#28 Courage Tattoo By Me

Image source: Twbtattoos

#29 Mario Goes To Work – Mat Frankin, Tat Franklin Studios / Columbus, Ohio

Image source: ALowlyRadish

#30 Leonardo Da Vinci Done In Istanbul, Turkey

Image source: kayra551

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