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Mom Illustrates What It’s Really Like To Have Kids In 10+ Honest Comics

Published 2 years ago

If your mom didn’t complain every single day about the hardships you have provided her with while growing up, then she’s a real trooper. Because I bet she had loads of inspiration for complaints, enough so she could draw a whole series of illustrations depicting an honest truth about motherhood.

That’s what Nathalie Jomard did, a French artist who’s also a mom, which puts her in a first-person view of these everyday situations that would test out even the strongest will.

Do any of these ring a bell to you? Let’s share our experiences in the comments!

More info: Nathalie Jomardinstagram (h/t)

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#1 The First Time You Breastfeed Is Unforgettable

Image source: Nathalie Jomard

#2 You Can’t Find Peace Even When Sitting On The Toilet

Image source: Nathalie Jomard

#3 Nothing Fits Anymore

Image source: Nathalie Jomard

#4 Trying To Act All Put-Together When…

Image source: Nathalie Jomard

#5 When Books Don’t Work Anymore You Try To Find Your Own Methods

Image source: Nathalie Jomard

#6 Ahh Those Sweet Weekend Mornings When Your Child Wakes Up At 5 Am

Image source: Nathalie Jomard

#7 Intimacy Between You And Your Partner Becomes The Exception, Not The Rule

Image source: Nathalie Jomard

#8 You Never Imagined The Mess One Baby Could Make

Image source: Nathalie Jomard

#9 And No One Told You The Best Toys For Your Baby Are Actually Random Everyday Items

Image source: Nathalie Jomard

#10 They Don’t Care About Your Pain

Image source: Nathalie Jomard


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