25 Cities That Really Impressed People, According To A Thread

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Travelling is a transformative experience that broadens horizons and deepens connections. It’s a journey of self-discovery and cultural immersion, where unexpected moments and breathtaking sights await at every turn. Indeed, one of the greatest joys of travel is falling in love with a place. Whether it’s the charm of cobblestone streets, the allure of bustling markets, or the warmth of local hospitality, certain cities have a way of capturing our hearts and leaving an indelible mark on our memories.

Join us today as we embark on a virtual journey through a curated list of cities hailed as the best destinations by travellers worldwide. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, these cities offer a tapestry of experiences that resonate long after the journey ends. Get ready to be inspired and perhaps discover your next great adventure!

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#1 Kyoto, Japan is so beautiful and full of calm vibes and culinary delights.

Image source: gride9000, Cosmin Georgian

#2 Exploring Rome at Midnight was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I would love to do it again.

Image source: HotandCuteDaisy07, Michael Giugliano

#3 Technical_Purpose352 said: London.

Image source: Technical_Purpose352, Dominika Gregušová

TimedDelivery  added:

My commute to work used to involve a 20minute walk from Charing Cross station to Regent Street, via Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. Every day it gave me a little thrill.

#4 Montreal – super walkable, a ton to do and a very different feel for those of us nearby in the states.

Image source: MrFunktasticc, Céline Chamiot-Poncet

#5 Singapore for sure. No words for how impressed I was, being a native of Northern California. The airport’s freaking fantastic. Always gonna try to book international flights with one stop there.

Image source: lekhachun, Hu Chen

#6 Bruges. Really like the alcoves.

Image source: King_Ulio, Despina Galani

#7 Porto, Portugal. My brother and I were staying in a hostel there and by chance without us knowing it was Festa de São João do Porto.
We just went around the city drinking and hitting strangers with inflatable hammers making friends of all ages and nationalities. It was incredible!

Image source: spadboonerisms, Nick Karvounis

#8 Lisbon, Portugal. Went there last September and fell in love with the city and its surroundings, only negative side was that we had to leave and come home!

Image source: OkMushroom364, Daniel Frese

#9 hernesson said: Istanbul. Intoxicating.

Image source: hernesson, Anna Berdnik

Basabose added:

One of the greatest experiences of my life was doing a full day food tour in Istanbul. My god it was absolutely amazing.

#10 Hong Kong circa 2016 was an absolutely wild time. You could relax on a beach, go hiking on another tropical island, party at nightclubs in LKF, take a gondola up to Victoria Peak, and meet with business associates for a Michelin star dinner in a single day.

Image source: bombayblue, Jimmy Chan

And you could spend the next day at night markets, eating amazing food at a sleepy seaside village and chilling in bookstores or exploring the under city by the subway stations. The entire city was easy to travel on the best subway system the world has ever seen.

I know Tokyo is gonna be at the top. As it should be. But what people in this thread don’t realize is that Hong Kong in the mid 2010’s had everything Tokyo had plus tropical beaches and incredible hiking/outdoor activities. With even better mass transit (as crazy as that sounds).

It really was the world’s first S Tier city in my honest opinion.

#11 Prague.

Image source: glockymcglockface, Martin Krchnacek

#12 bee_burr_wzz said: Amsterdam.

Image source: bee_burr_wzz, Chait Goli

Meerkate added:

I was so pleasantly surprised. Went there this summer as the middle leg of a road trip. Thought “this is my kind of place”.

It’s way more than smoking weed. Coming from a guy who really doesn’t react well to weed at all.

#13 flapjaxrfun said: Barcelona.

Image source: flapjaxrfun, Kaspars Upmanis

squeakysqueakysqueak added:

This is WAY TO LOW!

I’ve travelled a lot but nothing compares to Barcelona IMO. The people, the city design, the Vibe.

I love it so much.

#14 Honestly NYC. Some people find it hard to admit that it’s an incredible city and I don’t understand why. It’s not perfect but there really is no where else like it.

Image source: Djsoysause, Vlad Alexandru Popa

#15 I love Wellington, NZ. Lots to do, lots to eat, and you can walk to most anywhere (or a short uber trip with zero waiting). It’s my favourite getaway, but I wouldn’t want to live there. In Australia, I could live in Port Douglas.

Image source: kiwispouse, Lucas W

#16 iamminenzl said: Edinburgh.

Image source: iamminenzl, Adam Wilson

Rokaia- added:

Was looking for this. A very underrated city but freaking magical.

Everywhere you look is an orgasm to the eyes, lol. But I’d understand why it hasn’t been mentioned much. It’s so pricy and the weather is, well, brutally Scottish.

#17 Visited Vienna, and never left. Best place on earth.

Image source: cowsnake1, Dan V

#18 Copenhagen for a larger city. Castelrotto for a smaller one.

Image source: Final_Pomelo_2603, Nick Karvounis

#19 MR_JSQR said: Krakow Poland is absolutely amazing.

Image source: MR_JSQR, Reiseuhu

Wild-Compote5730  added:

Fellow Krakow fan!! It’s just beautiful, the people are great, food is great, so walkable. If I won the lottery I would buy a little bolthole on the main square and watch the trumpeter every day.

#20 Break-Every said: Tokyo.

Image source: Break-Every, Nick Kwan

ZardozSama added:

Largest metro population on earth and amazingly clean and safe feeling for an average person walking down the street. If you try to go by strictly objective and measurable bits, it would be difficult to identify a city that exceeds the standards set by Tokyo.


#21 Florence. I would move there tomorrow.

Image source: TossItOut1887, Maegan White

#22 Granada, Spain. The architecture, the food (which comes free with your beer at any bar) and the people are amazing.

Image source: Exotic-Initiative-79, Leeloo The First

#23 In the US. Chicago

Image source: amulie, https://unsplash.com/photos/low-angle-photo-of-white-cathedral-during-daytime-S5x5rrsDixk

Has large, grandiose vibes while still being incredibly accessible.

Food is great, public transportation was amazing when I was there, had a unique culture.

The cityscape was absolutely gorgeous as well.

It is the quintessential “city” — like what I imagined in my head growing up.

#24 Berlin was great. Lots of history, art and great food.

Image source: zeekoes, Claudio Schwarz

#25 SeabeeSeth3945 said: I really liked san diego.

Image source: SeabeeSeth3945, Lucas Fonseca

obi-jawn-kenblomi added:

I prefer San Diego to LA. Much more relaxed, lower prices, nicer people, and less busy.

The beaches in the surrounding area were also great enough compared to LA.

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