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25+ ‘Terrible Maps’ That Will Give You Nothing But A Laugh

Published 6 months ago

Remember those boring geography classes back in school where you spent the whole lesson learning about some river located in a country you might never visit? Don’t worry – geography doesn’t always have to be so boring and the people behind ‘Terrible Maps’ will prove it to you.

‘Terrible Maps’ is a Facebook page with over 150k followers that posts hilarious maps that you won’t find in geography books. Have you ever wondered where all the pubs in the UK are located? Or maybe you tried to figure out where in our solar system is the highest risk of a bear attack? While you might not learn much, at least you’ll have a great laugh!

Check out the terrible maps in the gallery below!

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#1 A Map Of Every European City

Image source: Terrible Maps

#2 Cat Earth Theory

Image source: Terrible Maps

#3 Antarctica, The Confusing Continent

Image source: Terrible Maps

#4 35 Place Names In Iceland That Will Help You Understand What Dyslexia Feels Like

Image source: Terrible Maps

#5 For Those Of You Suffering From Election Fatigue. A Map Of Pubs In The Uk

Image source: Terrible Maps

#6 Antarctic-Centric World View

Image source: Terrible Maps

#7 Countries That Use The Metric System Vs Countries That Lose Wars To Vietnamese Farmers

Image source: Terrible Maps

#8 Potential EU Leaving Names

Image source: Terrible Maps

#9 Bosnians: I Wanna Swim; Croatia: No

Image source: Terrible Maps

#10 Saudi Arabia Mapped Only By Its Rivers

Image source: Terrible Maps

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