River Island Hires Adorable Children Models With Disabilities For Their New Campaign ‘Labels Are For Clothes’

Published 6 years ago

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand, River Island has decided to introduce more diversity in their campaign and hired children with disabilities to model for their new clothing range. Kids aged 3 to 10 are beaming from the pictures while donning funky outfits and showing everyone that their conditions don’t stop them from enjoying life.

6 kids that were chosen for the photoshoots couldn’t contain their excitement. They all loved being in front of the camera and their parents were more than proud of them. “It’s lovely to show his disability is not a label, he is a person,” happily stated mother of Teddy Berriman, Nicola Short.

Zebedee Management, the company that represents the cute models, is really excited to see a brand that big make an unusual choice for their models. The talent agents that mostly work with disabled people work hard to make disability diversity a norm. “We hope that other brands will follow the example set by River Island and ensure that their campaigns are more representative of our diverse society.”

The spokeswoman for River Island stated that “the models were selected for the campaign to reflect the diversity of our customers and celebrate an ethos that rings as true in society as it does our wardrobes, that being different is more than OK.”

Scroll down to read about the adorable models and see the pictures that are making them and their families so proud.

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Cora Bishop, 6, is a bubbly little girl with Down Syndrome who constantly tried making everyone on set laugh. Her mom claimed that she is “a very girly girl and loved dressing up for the shoot”

Teddy Berriman is 4 and has Cerebral Palsy, which is why he uses this frame or wheelchair to get around. The boy loved the shoot and, according to his mom, it gave him a big confidence boost. “He has been beaming ever since and showing people his photos”

10-year-old Lois has a rare Distal 18q- syndrome that has affected her learning abilities and her hearing. The girl made her mom proud as she was a complete natural in front of the camera and lovedevery moment of the shoot

Mia Wenham, 3, loved the attention she got during the shoot. The girl has Cerebral Palsy and has to use a wheelchair or pushchair to move around. “She’d really like to do something like that again,” said her mom

4-year-old Miley Major has two lazy eyes and needs to wear glasses to correct them. Her mom happily stated that taking pictures gave her daughter more confidence. “She wowed everyone on the casting and now tells everyone she is Miley Major Model”

Gabriel Sohota, 4, loved his first job as a model as well. “He has always liked social interaction and is an extrovert, which really helps in front of the camera,” said his mom. Gabriel, who has Down Syndrome, loves making people smile and is always full of life.

Check out the video for the new “Labels Are For Clothes” Campaign by River Island



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