20 Times Folks Decided To Recreate Old Family Photos And It Turned Out To Be Amazing

Published 2 years ago

The new trend of recreating old photos has become so popular that people are taking it to new levels now. And why not? It gives them an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends to cherish the old memories once again.

People go through so many transformations as they grow older but some heart-to-heart connections remain the same throughout the years. And the family photo recreations we have compiled today will prove that. Check out some of the best ones in the gallery below.

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#1 Then And Now: Couple Recreates Wedding Photos After 50 Years Of Being Married

Image source: boredpanda.com, Two Hoyles Photography

#2 35 Years Ago I Met This Amazing Man. Love Him Even More Today

Image source: muzzpete

#3 Same Drama

Image source: NazliNazNazli

#4 A Lot Can Change In 22 Years. Some Things Never Do

Image source: lilpaulie

#5 My Sister And I Graduating Headstart vs. Us Graduating College

Image source: void590

#6 Veteran And His Wife Recreate Their Wedding Photos

Image source: NewCarthagea

#7 We Recreated One Of My Favorite Photos A Few Years Later

Image source: kitterific

#8 I Saw The Apron While Shopping, And Decided To Do A Remake Of My Mother’s Favorite Picture For Christmas. 23 Years Apart

Image source: Deeplight

#9 18 Years Later We’re Back On The Beach

Image source: Gabriel Santos

#10 Me And My Great Uncle 24 Years Apart

Image source: IdontSparkle

#11 My Aunt And Uncle Just Celebrated Their 55th Wedding Anniversary. Top Photo 1967 Bottom 2022

Image source: ATLjeweler

#12 My Grandparents’ 53rd Anniversary Is Today

Image source: JulianRob37

#13 Me Holding My Son At My HS Graduation vs. Me Holding My Son At His HS Graduation

Image source: bigK24

#14 The World Needs More Fathers Who Stick Around Like This

Image source: kingjosiah96

#15 My Parents Always Told Me I Looked Like My Dad’s Mom But I Never Got To Meet Her. Here’s My Grandmother Holding My Dad vs. Me Holding My Son, Taken Exactly 63 Years Apart

Image source: nancyxxu

#16 We Had To Put My Dog Of 16 Years Down Yesterday, But Before We Did We Recreated Our Favourite Photo With Him

Image source: weezabeeb

#17 These Pictures Were Taken At The Same Restaurant, But About 2 Years Apart. He’s Lost 90 Lbs And I’ve Lost 135 Lbs

Image source: aworsh

We wanted to be healthy so we could grow old gracefully together, and be around as long as possible for our kids. So grateful for this journey with my best friend!

#18 This Man Waits Years To Recreate This Pic

Image source: _shadjay

#19 My Dad And His Siblings In 1969. Then They Recreated It 50 Years Later

Image source: irish89

#20 My Parents Recreated Their Honeymoon Picture 40 Years Later

Image source: Old_but_New

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