25 Frugal Life Hacks That Might Be Worth Trying

Published 3 months ago

In the vast realm of the internet, platforms like Reddit serve as a treasure trove of information, connecting individuals with shared interests and experiences. Recently, Reddit user _JosiahBartlet sparked a discussion that resonated with many: frugal living tips that exceeded expectations.

The post quickly gained traction as users from diverse backgrounds shared their unique and surprisingly effective strategies for saving money. Let’s delve into some of the standout responses that can inspire anyone seeking to stretch their dollars further.

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Image source: GullibleWealth750, cottonbro studio/pexels

Bar soap. I quit buying fancy body washes etc and just went back to basic bar soap. Way cheaper, less garbage, simpler, works just as well if not better.


Image source: qqererer, TheCursingPastor/reddit

This is one from a long time ago, but thrift store plates that don’t match. They tend to be less heavy, and they all do the same thing a little different than the other which is good depending on the kind of food you’re having.

And if one plate breaks, you don’t care.

The idea of maintaining a ‘four piece set’ when a plate breaks seems just another thing to manage, that really does not matter.


Image source: eternalrevolver, Peter Hosey/flickr

Reusing normal ziploc bags. My parents did it all the time growing up in the 80s and 90s. Not sure why people think they’re single use. They are durable enough to use many times over with enough care.


Image source: Hopeful_Annual_6593, Matthew Paul Argall/flickr

Buying clothes secondhand only. 3 years in and frankly I no longer see the point of ever paying retail prices for new clothes. I thrift about once a week and over time have easily found everything I need. Bonus: it’s helped with my mindset in sort of training myself out of immediacy/instant gratification and into longer term planning and patience.

I will buy shoes new as needed, however.


Image source: wungawunga

Not eating fast food at all. As weird as it is to say, I am glad they upped the prices.


Image source: Direct-Chef-9428, Taz/flickr

Buying an upright freezer made it easier to prep meals in bulk at much lower cost thus saving not only money but also time. Why cook rice 9 times for 9 meals when I could do it once and portion it out and freeze in the time it takes to cook it for 2? Why do bolognese sauce for 8 portions when I could do 40 in the same time plus another 10 minutes for portioning? Even my skeptical husband has admitted it was highly worth it.


Getting rid of my new high trim vehicle to drive a 2008. Getting rid of the loan and warranty saves me 12k a year. I’m so happy to be driving this piece of s**t that’s good on gas with no car payment. I do not envy anyone with a brand new car anymore. Especially the high trim models. I’d rather save the money for the apocalypse.

Image source: Expert_Office_9308


Image source: Ok-Minimum-5952

Giving up alcohol. I quit last year after going through my budget at the end of 2022 and realizing the insane amount I spent going out. I still go out with my friends, but I drink club sodas instead now- which normally bartenders don’t even charge me for or are free refills. Went from spending $500+ /month on alcohol to maybe $30 on flavored seltzers. Huge huge win, and I am not only better off financially, but mentally and physically also.


Image source: xupaxupar, Cliff Booth/pexels

Menstrual cup – been using the same silicone one for more than 6 years. So much prefer to tampons for many reasons besides saving cash.


Image source: Lucky-Guess8786, Fandy Much/pexels

Quitting smoking. It came, of course, with better health benefits. But the initial greatest impact was my wallet. Smokers are literally burning up their dollars.


Image source: _name_of_the_user_, ProfessionalBody7083/reddit

Adding insulation to my attic and air sealing my house. Yeah, it certainly helped out power bill, but the increase in comfort is much appreciated as well.


Image source: s55555s, Greta Hoffman/pexels

Reusable floor pads like swiffer but they go in laundry. Reusable dish sponges that go to the laundry . So much better.


Image source: Ozymandias515, Annie Mole/flickr

Eliminating waste. It feels good to use up food before it goes bad. Prior to getting serious, we would throw out so much food waste as it spoiled.


Image source: floriish, Darina Belonogova/pexels

Switching to old-school razor blade razor instead of the plastic ones. Shaves fantastically, lasts forever and razor blades are incredibly cheap.


Image source: Greyreadseverything, Nataliya Vaitkevich/pexels

Cutting my own hair. I started during the pandemic because none of the hair salons were open, and I figured if it looked terrible no one would see it anyway. I tend to prefer simple cuts that are easy to do on myself, and this also cuts out the awkward small talk and all the chemical smells that trigger my asthma. If I decide I want a more complicated hairstyle I’ll pay a professional, but if all I want is a trim I can do it myself for free (the hair scissors paid for themselves with the first haircut).


Moving into my tiny house. Major downsizing. One room, bathroom and closet. Catio. Honestly I love it. No kitchen. I have a microwave and a toaster oven. Mini crockpot and a mini noodle pot. Small fridge. And a futon. My cats are happy and so am I.

Image source: lokilady1


Image source: Significant-Repair42, amazon

Wool dryer balls. It reduces the price of laundry and at the same time it reduces the amount of fragrance there is. Win Win. Reducing the amount of stuff that I have. I’ve always liked my stuff, after all I bought it all. :) But having less stuff means work taking care of it, cleaning it and storing it.


Image source: HappySpreadsheetDay, Pixabay/pexels

We have a Swiffer mop, but we haven’t bought the pads for years. My husband knits reusable pads out of cheap cotton yarn that last for several years, and we just use regular floor cleaner in a bucket to mop.


Image source: Icy-Tomatillo-7556, jane-stclaire/reddit

Cutting the tops off tube containers like face wash, lotion, etc. and scooping out the rest of what is left has been a big money saver! You’ll be amazed at how much is still left once it stops squeezing out. To keep the product from drying out, slide the cut piece down onto the area where you made the cut.


Image source: Environmental-Sock52

Learning how to cook.


I second this. Used to eat out 2-3 times a day, then moved to a more expensive city and was forced to start eating at home. Now I prefer having my own home-cooked meals over fast food.


Image source: Diligent_Dust_598, An Mai/flickr

Bought a bread machine from Goodwill for $15. We used to buy bread that was $3 a loaf, but now making our own bread costs us pennies.


Image source: Samari_, Karolina Grabowska /pexels

Getting a reusable water bottle!!! Keeps me hydrated & saves me a few dollars when I’m out and about.


Image source: jusou_44, Andrea Piacquadio/pexels

Cycling ! Super cheap mean of transportation (basically just maintenance and even that is super cheap), good for your health, makes you smile. Can’t believe there aren’t more people doing it, it truly feels like a cheat code. It’s my main way to go from A to B. I’ll buy a cargo bike for sure.


Image source: CatHairScarysville, Rachel Claire/pexels

Furniture, appliances, home decor: find them gently used on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or EBay. Exceptions for certain personal items like mattresses.


Image source: rusty0123, Andrea Piacquadio/pexels

I stopped driving to run small errands. I walk instead.

I really enjoy the walks through my neighborhood. I stop at the store to pick up whatever I need, or run into the bank.

I cut my gas cost in half. And I get the exercise.

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