25 People Blocked By A Celeb Explain What Happened

Published 1 month ago

The block option on social media can be pretty handy when you want to get rid of someone’s online presence. But how often are you the one getting blocked instead of doing the blocking? 

Redditors recently discussed what they did that got them blocked online by no less than celebrities. You’d expect famous people to have thick skin and be used to some negative feedback but having millions of fans doesn’t mean you have to put up with someone who did something you don’t like. So scroll below to read what led to someone in the spotlight giving the virtual boot to ordinary folks like you and me.

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#1 Not a celebrity, but the Head and Shoulders twitter account blocked me because I tweeted them every day for a month asking why they don’t have a foot wash line called “Knees and Toes”. I still don’t understand why they don’t!

Image source: BlottomanTurk, Mike Mozart / flickr (not the actual photo)

#2 James Blunt once parked his car in front of my driveway and I couldn’t get my car out :-(.

Image source: Spamgrenade, Adam Reading / wikimedia

#3 Posted the picture of a younger, balder Elon Musk in a reply to him.

Image source: SomeDrillingImplied, U.S. Air Force / wikimedia

#4 I was blocked by James Charles on Grindr lol and it was the real him he verified and everything I reached out as a joke like oh yea I doubt it but no we talked for a while, anyways I asked him if he wanted to go to the club with me he just left me on read then I said oh sorry it’s not under 18 night and he instantly blocked me ?.

Image source: Theaceman1997, Stay Tuned / wikimedia

#5 On Twitter, I asked Gene Simmons, from KISS, if the Kiss cologne smells like his nutsack or Paul Stanley’s. He blocked me.

Image source: neal144, Raph_PH / wikimedia

#6 I told Ted Cruz to sit on a cactus on Twitter years ago. He blocked me and then my account got banned. I appealed it with just “Come on guys it’s Ted Cruz” and to my surprise they unbanned me.

Image source: No-Candy-8664, U.S. Senate Photographic Studio / wikimedia

#7 I got blocked by Ron DeSantis because I spent two solid weeks on Twitter telling him to go f**k himself.

Image source: SaltyIrishDog


Image source: BlazeVenturaV2, Mariano Vivanco / wikimedia

I made comments about how she’s happy to slap “Chemicals” on her face in the way of her make up brand, and inject chemicals under her skin for her ink in her tattoos, and happily be paid to do this for others.

Yet the “Chemicals” in the whooping cough vaccine for her baby was unsafe and I called her a bad mum.

I was blocked within minutes and then she released some statement on her Instagram about being a “New” mum who makes mistakes.

Anyway, Shes a narcissistic small timer big time wannabe.

#9 Kim K blocked me and I can’t remember why, but badge of honour.

Image source: fe__maiden

#10 Frank Ocean dropped out of Coachella last year two days before I was supposedly to see him live claiming he broke his ankle, so I DM’ed him saying “send me the xrays” and he blocked me.

Image source: Mason_Youn, Dave Gold / wikimedia

#11 I was blocked by Lufthansa for asking if they had in flight waffles, and if they called them “Luftwaffles”.

Image source: lo-lux, Kiefer / wikimedia

#12 Got blocked by Kid Rock for saying he looked like a less masculine version of Dr Phil.

Image source: Dependent-Analyst907, Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley / wikimedia

#13 Ellie Goulding was talking about how meat was bad for you on instagram. I — being the insufferable teenage debate brain I was — wrote an entire essay explaining why she was wrong, the benefits of eating meat, how morality is based on more than someone’s diet etc. I spent about half an hour constructing it. She simply replied *“You have too much time on your hands”* and blocked me. She wasn’t wrong lol.

Image source: SentryFeats, Kayla Johnson / wikimedia

#14 When the Mars rover played a black eyed peas song on mars I tweeted “Great, now the martians will definitely be hostile” and got blocked by Will.I.Am. I didn’t even mention him or anything so I’m kind of at loss as to how he saw it lmao.

Image source: pm_good_bobs_pls, Aubrey Gemignani / wikimedia

#15 Not me, but my best friend got blocked by Tony the Tiger’s Twitter account because she followed enough people who liked some furry content at some point, and whoever was running that account absolutely salted the earth to make sure no furries were following Tony.

Image source: doubtfurious, LPDisney

#16 I got blocked on Twitter by OJ Simpson in 2020 for asking him if he plans on purchasing the new Bronco in white when it’s released.

Image source: BlameMe4urLoss, LAPD / wikimedia

#17 Way back I got blocked by a local weatherman.  He was wearing a blazer that was super wrinkled.  So I tweeted to him and the station that he should’ve ironed his blazer.  The next time he came on screen, he wore a different blazer but it was an ugly bright yellow mustard color.  So I tweeted, I said iron your blazer not put on an uglier one.  Got blocked after that, haha. .

Image source: jawndell, savoryexposure / flickr (not the actual photo)

#18 Scott Baio blocked me for tweeting the following: “Crazy how Scott Baio played a genius in Baby Geniuses 2 and plays a dumb**s in real life, that’s some impressive range.”

Knowing he saw it delights me to this day.

Image source: BurgerCombo

#19 In the 8th grade, I called Dr Phil daddy on Instagram & he blocked me for that.

Image source: YaBoiHaydenB, Angela George / wikimedia

#20 I told hulk hogan I wasnt his brother, so he blocked me. On google plus.

Image source: AmySchumersAnalTumor, Petty Officer 1st Class Kristin Fitzsimmons / wikimedia

#21 Not really a “celebrity” but Joel Osteen blocked me on Instagram for calling him out on his preventing people from taking refuge in his mega church during the hurricane.

Image source: randousr88

#22 I got blocked by Gary Barlow from Take That. Gary, if you’re reading this; whatever I said, whatever I did, I didn’t mean it.

Image source: delwood_, Marc E. / wikimedia

#23 My friend got blocked by Dr. Phil forever ago on instagram. all he asked was “Are you a real doctor?”.

Image source: borntorun2000, Angela George / wikimedia

#24 Got blocked by the Smashing Pumpkins and Billy Corgan Facebook pages because I pointed out that Billy looks like a grown-up Caillou and could benefit from some better-fitting clothes. I’ve been blocked for six years now.

Image source: sapphirerain25, matthewf01 / wikimedia

Edited to add: now banned by the official Smashing Pumpkins Reddit sub. I’m on a roll!

#25 One day about 25 years ago, Steve buscemi was walking around horatio street down in greenwhich village. He was talking on a cell phone when he stepped onto the street to cross to the other side. As soon as he stepped onto the street, it was clear that he had blocked the path of an oncoming bicycle.

Image source: vadabungo, Rhododendrites / wikimedia

Steve buscemi was hit by a teenager on a bicycle. That teenager was me. He probably doesn’t remember, it wasn’t a particularly hard hit. Now whenever I see him on screen, I have to let everyone around know that I hit him that one time down in the village.

Also, it was the first time I ever considered the dangers of cellphones. I can’t remember the exact year but I remember the knicks were freakin awesome. Ewing, Starks… maybe ‘94.

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