After This Man ‘Develops’ Negatives Bought At A Boot Sale For £4, The Internet Identifies That They’re Over 100 Years Old

Published 6 years ago

When browsing wares at a local boot sale, retired graphics artist Greg Pack was hoping to find some old clocks, but instead stumbled upon something a lot more interesting – an old wooden box full of old glass negatives.

Greg knew a thing or two about glass negatives from working in print and recognized them to be in a rather good shape. Using his phone’s camera and a little Photoshop, he managed to turn the negatives into recognizable photos. His son Scott then tweeted the images asking the internet if anyone might recognize the family or a possible date when the pictures were taken. It turned out the images were taken in France over a hundred years ago!

Check out the whole story and the restored images in the gallery below!


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When browsing wares at a local boot sale, retired graphics artist Greg Pack came across an old wooden box

Inside the box were some old glass negatives that turned out to be in a rather good shape

The box also included some clues about the family in the pictures, so Scott asked Twitter to help identify them

And the people were more than happy to help and share their own stories

Turns out the pictures may be over a hundred years old!

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