20 Brands That Were Once Coveted But Have Now Significantly Declined In Reputation

Published 1 year ago

While there are so many things we really loved and enjoyed once upon a time, our tastes change over time. We’ve found a reddit-thread which goes further in-depth into the subject where people have discussed their opinions on what they considered highly respectable once upon a time but have since become almost a complete joke. We’ve wrapped up the most interesting takes below and don’t forget to mention whether you agree or not in the comments section.

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#1 Dr. Martens‘ Boots.

Image source: Chriscl000, Kilian Seiler

A British institution, you bought a pair, they lasted for years. Alas, „private equity“ got involved, manufacturing was sent offshore, and the quality went down like a submarine.

You are better off buying a pair of boots from the company that used to make them for DM, than a „genuine“ pair of DMs nowadays, their quality is a shadow of what it once was.

#2 The US Postal Service.

Image source: dieinafirenazi

A decades long campaign to smear their reputation coupled with legislation designed to cripple the service has turned them from the reason Santa Claus isn’t institutionalized in *Miracle and 34th Street* to a comedians punching bag. And yeah, last time I went to the post office the service was terribly slow, but they had one window open in a building with five windows. Seemed kind of understaffed.

#3 McAfee antivirus

Image source: The_Athavulf, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McAfee

#4 Levi’s blue jeans.

Image source: Lincoln_Park_Pirate, Varun Gaba

They used to last forever, now I’m lucky to get a year out of them. They always fail in the same spot too. No idea why but I’m not alone online about this.

I bought a pair of Lucky jeans on a deal. Never had a pair of them before. Now they just might be my new favorite.

#5 The History Channel, The Learning Channel, MTV…

Image source: ihatetheplaceilive

#6  Netflix originals

Image source: TheDankRocketMan

#7 Blackberry (RIM)

Image source: Userna-mey

#8 Sears.

Image source: Jephistopholes

#9 Blizzard, the video game company.

Image source: cartoon_violence

#10 FB

Image source: throwtempertantrum, Dawid Sokołowski

People are going to reflexively deny its initial popularity, but Facebook. It even used its exclusivity as its primary marketing tool during its initial launch only for colleges.

#11 The Guinness Book of World Records

Image source: peterpingston, guinnessworldrecords

Once a well-established and professional collection of every impressive human feat, now a quick ego boost for rich kids that have barely enough talent to balance an egg on their forehead for 15 seconds on a July Afternoon at exactly 11:55 AM while wearing a Hello Kitty onesie

#12 The American Flag.

Image source: TSiQ1618, Brett Sayles

As an U.S. citizen. I know this will ring different to different people, but when I used to come across the flag it was usually displayed to show respect and pride. Now when I see it out in public, it’s usually tied to some slobbish a*****e who has it attached to their truck bed, or slaps offensive bumper stickers that mix the flag with some s****y slogan. I feel like most the times I come across the flag now, it’s being used by an a*****e to express F**k You.

#13 Working in the educational system.

Image source: AlecsThorne, Julia M Cameron

Being a teacher still sounds worthy of respect, but working as one is a joke. Kids are free to do whatever they want, you’re barely allowed to punish bad behaviour in any way, school politics stop from changing anything, parents always blame you etc.

#14 Journalists, and no this isn’t some right wing fake news thing.

Image source: Josiah55, The Climate Reality Project

Consumerism has turned hard-hitting journalism into clickbait b******t because that’s the only way they can turn a profit anymore. There’s still real journalists out there but no new ones are being born, very sad.

#15 The Supreme Court.

Image source: Tomegunn1


OSHA. Not even their fault either. There’s been so much lobbying against them that the red tape is so insane that they can’t effectively regulate workers exposure to toxic chemicals.

Image source: cration678

#17 Hobbies.

Image source: Puzzleheaded_Pie_454, Priscilla Du Preez

I am a hobbyist musician, and will never try to make money off of my music. I simply enjoy creating it with zero expectations.

Hustle culture ruined a lot of that because now every time I share my music with people, it turns into a conversation about monetization or how I’m wasting my time on something. It’s hard to even find likeminded people who want to collaborate without it turning into some big thing.

Time enjoyed is not time wasted.

#18 “We are a family here” said by anyone who isnt your family.

Image source: Merlinshighcousin, MART PRODUCTION

#19 Bank managers.

They used to have serious power in local communities. Now they have to be glorified customer service reps a lot of the time

Image source: Glass_Houses_

#20 Staying at a job out of loyalty.

Image source: YourManagerOnDuty, Magnet.me

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