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Big Brands Are Leaving The Russian Market And This Guy Just Recreated Their Logos (10 Pics)

Published 2 years ago

The current scenario of the Russo-Ukrainian war has shaken up everyone around the world. As the invasion continues in Ukraine, many companies are boycotting Russia to show resistance to war.

Several big brands like Adidas, Disney, Amazon, Netflix, McDonald’s, etc have decided to pull back from the Russian market. A graphic designer, Václav Kudělka, recently posted some of his edited photos of their logos on Bored Panda and they are all quite interesting. Check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 Netflix

Image source: vkudinson

#2 Disney

Image source: vkudinson

#3 Amazon

Image source: vkudinson

#4 Warner Bros.

Image source: vkudinson

#5 McDonald’s

Image source: vkudinson

#6 Visa

Image source: vkudinson

#7 Starbucks

Image source: vkudinson

#8 Facebook

Image source: vkudinson

#9 Adidas

Image source: vkudinson

#10 Heineken

Image source: vkudinson

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