British Hair Awards 2016: This Stunning Afro Collection Became A Finalist And It’s Obvious Why

Published 7 years ago

When others rely on clothes and accessories to showcase their unique sense of style, hairdresser Lisa Farrall is saying that nature has already given us a perfect tool for that – our hair.

Her collection, Armour, won the first place in 3 categories at The Black Hair Awards and was also one of the finalists in the prestigious British Hair Awards 2016. And as photos by Luke Nugent will show you in a second, this comes as no surprise.

The impressive collection (made even more striking thanks to the makeup by Suhyun Kang-Emeryshot) is a tribute to African culture and is another shout out for diversity and uniqueness just waiting to be discovered in our own heritages.

More info: | instagram (h/t: dyt, boredpanda)

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