The 20 Best Pics From An Online Group Celebrating The Land Of ‘Nope’

Published 1 year ago

Australia is a beautiful country, home to a wonderful people and yet a land which seems potentially dangerous and out to get you in a myriad of ways. While there are so many amazing attributes to celebrate in the land down under such as kangaroos, koalas and dingoes, some of these unique creatures can also be the deadliest. So what makes Australia so unique in that it’s a huge land mass, but it makes people think twice before moving there? So much so, that it’s in fact fondly called, The Land of ‘Nope’.

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#1 Picture From Plane Window Flying Over The Wildfires In Australia

Image source: Liamerkul

#2 Last Years Trip To Australia, Love From Belgium!

Image source: juju-O-T-B

#3 Victoria Police All Over It

Image source: tyork_

#4 Stay Safe Out There

Image source: Nick_pj

#5 It Hit 45 Degrees Celsius In Our Area Today And My Boyfriend Got Instantly Branded By His Seat Belt Buckle Getting Into His Car. It’s Already Peeling

Image source: GoodCelery

#6 Yeah, Nah. Might Hold Off On Cleaning The Shed Out

Image source: killjoy73au

#7 Selling Point For Aussie School

Image source: Bray0910

#8 My Physics Teacher Defended Her House From Bushfires By Herself, And Then Waited Out The Fire In Her Pool Using A Scuba Tank

Image source: Drakey02

#9 Our Cat Came Home After Missing In The Fires For 7 Nights. She’s Burnt But Should Live. We Thought Her Lost When The Fire Consumed Most Of Our Property. Best Feeling Ever To Walk Out And See Her Alive

Image source:

#10 The Most Perfect Koala. I Will Never Get Over Living In A Country Where You Can Just Stumble Across This On A Walk Ten Minutes From The City

Image source: louisat89

#11 Bunnings Really Does Sell Everything

Image source: Red-Engineer

#12 For All The Naysayers Who Think The Rest Of Us Are Paranoid

Image source: xtremixtprime

#13 Australia Summed Up

Image source: LadderOne

#14 Yurrang!

Image source: Taco_El_Paco

#15 Was Mowing The Lawn And Discovered This Absolute Unit Of A Stick Insect, ~35cm

Image source: DerangedDog1

#16 A Pile Of Manure Has Been Dumped Outside The Sydney Headquarters Of News Corp

Image source: Kitchen_Items_Fetish

#17 Why Are You Littering?

Image source: SydneyTom

#18 After A Blackout Night, My Mate Woke Up To A Ripper Selfie On His Phone!

Image source: CtrldKilla

#19 Energex Couldn’t Check My Meter Due To My Chicken

Image source:

#20 The Kids Are Alright

Image source:


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