20 Celebrities Who Have Disappeared Out Of Nowhere

Published 2 years ago

Celebrity life is unpredictable. One day you’re adorned by everybody because of your looks, or maybe your acting role. The next day, you’ll find yourself yourself “canceled” online. One day everyone knows you; the next day, you’re just somebody that they used to know.

Those celebrities would be the topic of today’s list. Thanks to this Reddit thread, we are now reminded of these stars whom we haven’t seen for a while. Scroll down below to know who these are. We hope you still remember them!

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Image source: GetWreckedDJ, imdb.com

Shelly Miscavige disappeared without a public trace, that entire cult is crazy.


Image source: kaiguy42069, Robert Scoble

Jet Li


Image source: Moongiraffe01, Eva Rinaldi

What ever happened to Seann William Scott?!


Image source: NattersOnline, MavsFan28

JTT – Jonathon Taylor Thomas… Where he at?


Image source: king_rootin_tootin, Angela George

Richard Simmons


Image source: suprweeniehutjrs, Georges Biard

Orlando Bloom


Image source: Mad_Aeric, themoviedb.org

Rick Moranis. After his wife died, he dropped everything so that he could focus on raising his children. I respect that.


Image source: bobpetersen55, Gage Skidmore

Chris Tucker


Image source: MidnightSun77, sagindie from Hollywood

Jason Lee (My name is earl)


Image source: adamsaidnooooo, David Shankbone

Cameron Diaz. Just up and retired for the quiet life.


Image source: Shyjuan, Gage Skidmore

that one girl that played Matilda (Mara Wilson)


Image source: 3juliusss, Sven Mandel

Nelly Furtado


Image source: boomdidiboomboom, David Shankbone

Eliza Dushku. Apparently she reported harassment and was dropped from the show soon after and hasn’t worked since.


Image source: eblade23, David Shankbone

Julia Stiles, she did all those movies in the mid 2000s and gone…


Image source: sunflowershere, David Shankbone

Leelee sobeski she was popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s.


Image source: PinkStandstill, mubi.com

Judge Reinhold. Dude was in pretty much everything once upon a time,now you never see him in anything.


Image source: WomanNotAGirl, Rodriguezgeo533

Dewey from Malcom In The Middle (Erik Per Sullivan)


Image source: kerplunk1994, R Carter

Enya – she literally made amazing music, made a fortune then swerved the limelight to live peacefully in her castle. Iconic.


Image source: ImANuckleChut, Eva Rinaldi

Gotye. Dude made a single song and just became somebody we used to know.


Image source: ninja20, Montclair Film

Brendan Fraser for a while, but now he’s back

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