30 Celebrities Before And During The Quarantine

Published 4 years ago

We’re used to always seeing celebrities looking their best but the current quarantine affected even the most glamorous looking ones. Some celebrities aren’t afraid of sharing their quarantine selfies and the pictures will make you realize they’re not that different from you and I. So the next time you start worrying that the lockdown made you let yourself go a little, remember that celebrities are also rocking sweat pants all day, sporting messy hairstyles and going makeup-less just like you.

Check out the photos of celebrities before and during the quarantine in the gallery below!

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#1 Ryan Reynolds

Image source: vancityreynolds

#2 Helen Mirren

Image source: helenmirren

#3 Shakira

Image source: shakira

#4 Rita Wilson And Tom Hanks

#5 Drew Barrymore

Image source: drewbarrymore

#6 Antonio Banderas

Image source: antoniobanderasoficial

#7 Taika Waititi

Image source: taikawaititi

#8 Julia Roberts

Image source: juliaroberts

#9 Elle Fanning

Image source: ellefanning

#10 Selena Gomez

Image source: selenagomez

#11 Will Smith

Image source:  willsmith

#12 Jim Carrey

Image source: JimCarrey

#13 Dj Khaled

Image source: djkhaled

#14 Katy Perry

Image source: katyperry

#15 Salma Hayek

Image source: salmahayek

#16 Kristen Bell

Image source: kristenanniebell

#17 Chris Pratt

Image source:  prattprattpratt

#18 Jessica Alba

Image source: jessicaalba

#19 Tracee Ellis Ross

Image source: traceeellisross

#20 Dua Lipa

Image source: dualipa

#21 Gal Gadot

Image source: gal_gadot

#22 Billie Eilish

Image source: billieeilish

#23 Emma Roberts

Image source: emmaroberts

#24 Kevin Hart

Image source: kevinhart

#25 Halsey

Image source: iamhalsey

#26 Florence Pugh

Image source: florencepugh

#27 Gwyneth Paltrow

Image source: gwynethpaltrow

#28 Colin Jost

Image source: colinjost

#29 Jenna Dewan

Image source: jennadewan

#30 Kylie Jenner

Image source: sailormoonxi

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