People Shared 25 Hilarious “Celebrity Lookalikes” That Are Surprisingly Similar

Published 8 months ago

Sometimes you see an uncanny resemblance between two things which you can’t seem to unsee once you see it. Recently, a hilarious thread gained popularity on Reddit with folks sharing amusing comparisons between celebs and their lookalikes. 

After perusing the lot, it honestly feels like some of the suggested lookalikes, like the ‘mother’ character from Tangled, were probably influenced by the celeb in question because the resemblance is just so uncanny. But go on and scroll through this entertaining gallery of submissions we found on various social pages and decide for yourself if they seem accurate or not. 

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Image source: lexilexi1901

Christopher BowersIf they ever do a live action version, those two would be a good one to use for the casting of them.


Image source: Infinitely_Chaotic

Thenatural: Holy hell! WTF is going on with her head?


Image source: BitHistorical

DittoLmao! This is terrifyingly accurate


Image source: medsizedtoberlerone

Olivia LisbonHe looks otterly offended by the comparison – that’s not me, my whiskers are glorious!


Image source: Technical-Elk-7002

T’Mar of Vulcan: I present… Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton in the 1980s “Beauty and the Beast”. Get it and watch it immediately!


Image source:  Late_Development2146

Alfred Stöhr: Wasn’t Chuckie modeled after Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo?

Sharon Vaughn: I’m sure Ed doesn’t appreciate the resemblance..


Image source: 227743



Image source: UnlikelyFig2822


Image source: Oomlotte99

Scott RackleyWe’re just cooking up some amphetimino-diddly-os over here neighbor

#10 Self-aware king.

Image source: Petty_White

DittoHahaha he does look like him!


Image source: naturemom

DittoAhh so thats why he wasn’t a very convincing werewolf


Image source: iamharoldshipman

PeetYou just ruined Benedict Bandanasnatch for me…


Image source: Global_Gift_470

Scott RackleyYou just did Janice dirty


Image source: agnes238

KiwiTriviaKween (She/Her): The singer Peggy Lee was the voice of Peg the stray Pekingese (as seen above) in “Lady and the Tramp as well as the voice of a few other characters.


Image source: IsMisePrinceton

Ban-OneOne comes out on Halloween, the other resurfaces the day after from the annual hibernation.

#16 I’m going to hell for this.

Image source: billmad2509


Image source: sslyth_erin

Thomas KlobucnikBoth are named Sam, hmm….


Image source: TheEggsExplode

Lil Miss HobbitI wanna say no, but yup🤣


Image source:  Kirstie66

Nancy TAwwww


Image source: iamharoldshipman

KiwiTriviaKween (She/Her): Yet Lola is meant to look like Angelina Jolie who voiced her.


Image source: dgksbt

HippopotamusesWell. Damn!


Image source: vacantly-visible


Image source: deadmallsanita

Image source: truly-outrage0us

Jar of PicklesI just can’t :D


Image source: reddit

Ditto: *snort*

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