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10 Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes From Different Countries

Published 4 years ago

Ok, so up till now, I was pretty sure, that I once saw the star of Fantastic Beasts, Eddie Redmayne, riding the London’s tube. But after seeing these doppelgangers of the famous celebrities out there in the wild, I’m not so sure anymore…

Bored Panda has gathered a full list of these guys, who represent their famous counterparts in all over the world (even if they don’t know that themselves), and the similarities are pretty striking, to say the least.

Have you ever met your doppelganger? If so, make sure you describe the encounter in the comments!

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#1 Turkish George Clooney

Image source: one1note

#2 Mexican Morgan Freeman Serving You Tacos

Image source: GallowBoob

#3 Brazilian Danny DeVito

Image source: devinrigginsmusic

#4 Swedish Leonardo Di Caprio

Image source: konradannerud

#5 Indonesian Barrack Obama

Image source: The Associated Press,The Associated Press

#6 Russian Plumber Hugh Laurie

Image source: hard_to_explain

#7 Black Matt Damon

Image source: myrmadon

#8 Jeff Goldblum’s Indian Doppelganger

Image source: unknown.

#9 Chinese Vladimir Putin

Image source: China Daily

#10 Female Jay-Z

Image source: unknown.

There are guys who accidentally met their doppelgangers, check out those encounters here.


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