30 Celebrities That Elevated A Wedding With An Unforgettable Surprise Visit

Published 1 year ago

Planning a wedding is stressful and can turn the sweetest person into a raging bridezilla. Considering the costs involved per head, and the seating arrangements, the last thing a stressed-out wedding couple needs is a wedding crasher.

But what if the crasher is not just a random relative, stranger or weirdo trying to get some free food and beverages but is a famous celebrity instead? It’s the surprise of a lifetime, but it does happen and we’ve got the photos to prove it down below. 

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#1 Had The Most Amazing Weekend

Image source: MrsNRoadnight

#2 Jason Momoa, Who Played Aquaman, Crashes A Couple’s Wedding Photo

Image source: ericlm

#3 So This Happened At Yesterday’s Wedding. The President Was In San Diego This Weekend At The Venue Where We Were Photographing A Gorgeous Wedding, And We Caught It All

Image source: sj.video, theyoungrens.com

#4 My Bride & Groom Bumped Into Adam Sandler, And That Was Amazing! Everything Can Happen In Montréal

Image source: mlle_sanMlle Sana Photographya_photography

#5 Photobomber Strikes Again (Jason Segel)

Image source: kellygiarrocco

#6 My Friend Ran Into John Travolta The Night Before His Wedding, And He Shows Up The Next Day

Image source: imgur.com

#7 Lebron James Surprises Wedding Party

Image source: Adagion Studio

#8 Meg And Nick’s Private Ceremony. Their Friend, Bradley Cooper, Was Visiting Georgetown And Made Sure To Congratulate The Newlyweds As They Walked Around Campus

Image source: lisaboggsphoto

#9 Undoubtedly The Highlight Of Sir Paul McCartney’s Day Meeting These Beautiful Lovebirds

Image source: madix_photography, madix_photography

#10 Tom Hanks Crashing A Wedding, 1993

Image source: IndependentCulture

#11 In 2013, Usain Bolt Photobombed A Couple Who Were Taking Their Wedding Photos In Paris

Image source: usainbolt

#12 Ed Sheeran On Instagram: “Just Surprised This Lovely Couples First Dance. Available For Weddings, Birthdays And Bar Mitzvah’s, Contact Your Local Super Market For Details”

Image source: teddysphotos

#13 Bikini Wedding Crasher Serena Williams

Image source: serenawilliams, instagram.com

#14 Lady Gaga Showed Up To This Couple’s Wedding Party, Capping Off An Already Memorable Day

Image source: mahsa_tousi_nyc

#15 Fun Memories From When Steven Tyler Crashed Our Wedding

Image source: jeffreydroseman

#16 Guess Who Crashed Our Wedding?

Image source: G-Note

#17 It Must Be Good Luck When Amy Schumer Crashes Your Wedding

Image source: yumimatsuostudio

#18 So Taylor Swift Showed Up To My Cousin’s Wedding

Image source: Gage_Simmons, x_iceberg

#19 “Do You Mind If We Crash Your Wedding?” – Katy Perry

Image source: raypropstudios

#20 Bill Clinton Crashed Wedding In Ireland

Image source: philipdalyphoto

#21 Katie And Shane Came All The Way From The UK To Get Married In This Place. There Was Also A Brief Appearance By Liam Hemsworth Who Was Such A Gentleman

Image source: kirkwillcox

#22 When Your Couple’s Portrait Session Gets Crashed By The Weeknd

Image source: THEKXOTF, theweddingartistsco

#23 Beyonce And Jay-Z Crashed A Wedding While Vacationing In Portofino, Italy

Image source: getinsideitaly, vogueweddings

#24 Newlyweds Were Snapping Photos Before The Reception When Justin Timberlake Showed Up, Seemingly Out Of The Blue, To Snap A Photo With The Happy Couple

Image source: Chelsey Gaudet Parks

#25 I Might Be Mistaken But Is That Zach Braff Photobombing My Newlywed Couple? Only In New York

Image source: Sascha Reinking Photography

#26 Just Got Married

Image source: snoopdogg

#27 A British Couple Jokingly Invited Queen Elizabeth To Their 2012 Wedding And She Actually Showed Up

#28 Jon Hamm, Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner And Jake Johnson Unexpectedly Crashed A Wedding Reception In Miami Beach During The Best Man’s Speech

Image source: magicmirrormiami

#29 What Started Off As A Quiet Sunset Teremana Tequila Toast With Mi Amigo, Danny Devito – Turned Into Wedding Crashers 2.0

Image source: TheRock

So much love and mana in the room for the lovely bride & groom. Congrats Will & Kristine Abbot!

#30 Keanu Reeves Has Begun To Make A Name For Himself As A Celebrity Wedding Crasher

Image source: slanjkilts

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