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Ikea Turns Kids’ Drawing Into Toys, Sells Them To Raise Funds For Charity

Published 4 years ago

IKEA came up with a new idea: they turn child drawings into actual plushies. And the plushies are then sold for charity. Ikea selected the drawings of 10 children around the world and turned their colorful drawings into cute toys. A dollar/euro from each toy sold will go towards children education projects.

This is a part of Soft Toys for Education program that Ikea had been running for 12 years now. However, this is the first time that children inspired toys are used to promote it. The idea of custom, child drawing inspiring plushies isn’t new, however: Budsies have already developed the same concept and we wrote about it here. .

More info: IKEA (h/t: boredpanda)

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Thymeo, 4 years old, Belgium



Stella, 6 years old,Cyprus


Dora, 7 years old, UK


Koen, 10 years old, Netherlands


Albert, 7 years old, Romania


You-Chen Wu, 6 years old, Taiwan


Maja, 8 years old, and John, 5 years old, Norway


Terrence, 6 years old, Malaysia


Karla, 10 years old, Croatia



Martynas Klimas

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Writes like a mad dervish, rolls to dodge responsibility, might have bitten the Moon once.

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