25 Inexplicable Things People Have Personally Experienced

Published 6 months ago

Many people believe that there is no such thing as destiny, ghosts or intangible influences that can affect your life. However, sometimes something so inexplicable can happen that it makes us question our own sanity so we brush it off and don’t mention it to others in case we are judged for it, instead trying to forget about it and move on. 

But one Reddit thread invited netizens to share their own brush with fate, otherworldly spirits, or mysterious coincidences and the stories poured in. From strangers being saved by non-existent people or accidentally seeming to discover portals into the past, these bizarre experiences are bound to raise some goosebumps so go on and scroll to read, but only if you dare. 

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Image source: boondockslasher, Patrick Tomasso

About 2018ish our at the time roommate asked if we would drive her to the next town over to meet some dude. My wife and I were kind of apprehensive just due to some of the stuff this guy was saying, but we decided we’d go, she even convinced us to stay and watch a movie with them, so f**k it, we started driving. We decided to stop for gas on the way out, grab a drink for the road, but as we were coming around the corner to the gas station, we saw a woman in a white sundress, no shoes, just strolling down the side of the road. She was so close to the middle of the road that I swerved to miss her then hammered on the brakes, got out and went to check if I had hit her. Nowhere to be found. No woman, no nothing, and there was nowhere she could have gone to the left or right. I checked under the car, nothing. We were all pretty rattled, but decided we’d keep going. As soon as we pulled into the gas station, the TPMS went off saying the two passenger sides tires were flat, sure enough, both valve stems had sheared off. We got the car towed, went home, called it a night. While later we found out the guy whose house we were supposed to go to got arrested after a search warrant was executed on the property and they found human remains. I still believe we were saved by the dark haired woman in the sundress.


Image source: lifesnotperfect, Nick Romanov

Family was on holiday at a resort in Vietnam.

My sister and I took an elevator in the hotel and it stopped and opened up on the top floor, where nothing was built. Just bricks laying about, a wheelbarrow, no fence or wall around the edge of the building, and there was a single small tree growing out of the ground in front of the elevator doors a few feet out.

There was also this impenetrable fog that was floating around, obscuring the sight of what would be the rest of the resort below and it was quite windy.

We both agreed it was weird and looked dangerous to be up here – we clearly weren’t meant to have access to the top floor since it wasn’t fully constructed.

We went back down to the ground floor and noticed that it was actually a sunny and clear day all round. We wondered where that fog and wind went to.

So we decided to go back to the unfinished rooftop level to check again, but when we did it was perfectly fine and fully built. We couldn’t explain it and couldn’t find that half-built top floor again afterwards.


Image source: Oldnavylover, Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov

My sister and I both saw the same (or similar) floating white figure out of the same window of the house 6 months apart without having discussed it till about 8 years after each witnessing it. Our eldest sister claimed to have seen the same thing in front of our house after we both came clean to her. There was about a year long period when I would hear a phantom calling my name to the front yard but there was no one or nothing out there when I’d look outside.


Image source: Reiseoftheginger, Luba Ertel

I once saw a clipboard fly off of the hook it hung on and land around 3 feet away. The room was totally still beforehand, no breeze or earthquake or anything. Just hanging up where it always was, then flung across the room for no reason at all.

Most boring poltergeist ever.


Image source: Lemonbeeee, Artem Zhukov

When I was about 13 or 14 years old myself and two friends found a house in the middle of the woods that just didn’t make sense. We were all neighbors, and along all three of our houses was a very large wooded area. It runs a few miles back and becomes a state forest. We had run around these woods plenty of times and even had areas we’d recognize as we went. This particular day we followed this ravine that was sometimes a stream, but was dry at this time. That part is important, because we followed that same ravine several times after that and never could find the house again.

When I say the house didn’t make sense, I mean it. It was a white trailer. I’d say a double-wide. There was white underpinning along the bottom. It was a poor country area, so that’s not uncommon. But it was unusually clean. Like, brand new, perfectly white. But that’s still not the weird part.

It didn’t have doors. Or windows. Or a driveway. We were in the middle of the woods. The entire walk through the woods is full of bushes, thorns, spiderwebs, bugs, vines, logs. Woods stuff. But this was a clearing of flat grass like someone mowed this area. We weren’t afraid or anything while we were there. There really wasn’t anything remarkable about it, and that’s honestly what makes it so weird to think about to this day. We just walked around it for a bit, said it was kinda weird, and we went back on our adventure. Eventually we all just went home.

I’m still friends with both of the other kids. We’re in our 30s and I’m even going to a wedding for one of them this weekend. We’ve talked about it since, and the story still just doesn’t add up. My parents still live in that house, and we spent years after that day exploring the woods all the time. Never found it again.


Image source: SixFootSnipe, Greg Johnson

When I was a young man in my twenties I would go camping by myself often. On this particular time I had set up a tent in a small patch of grass not far from a creek. I was just walking to the creek with my pot to fill with water when I heard a strange squealing and went to investigate. I got to a steep bank and halfway down tangled in barbwire was a bear cub hanging by its neck and front leg squealing loudly. I looked and at the top of the bank was the mother and she was in distress calling and grunt/chirping ( the best way I can describe the sound.) My eyes met with the mother’s and I was caught off guard. I looked at her and held my arms out palms out fingers pointed down. I somehow knew it would be ok to help the cub. I walked up to the bear cub and held it by the scruff of the neck with one hand and quickly unwrapped the wire with the other and set the cub on the ground and backed away. When I got far enough away to feel safe I couldn’t see the bears anymore because of the bend in the creek and the bushes. It was nearly dark and I couldn’t move my camp so I just stayed the night. The next morning as I was packing up my tent a bear came from the creekside with a large fish in its mouth. It was about forty feet from me before I noticed it. It looked at me, dropped the fish, grunted and turned and walked away.


Image source: begoodyall, Erik Mclean

My dad has a custom apparel business, they put logos on shirts, hats, pants, you name it. His office is in an old cotton mill from the late 1800s that had the top couple floors ripped off by a tornado in the early 1900s, k*****g all the children working up there. All the mill windows have since been bricked over, just a brick wall in the shape of a window. Growing up, he’d occasionally pick up hat contracts like the NBA Championship or Super Bowl that would require a team of us to stay up until the game was over to see who won, before cranking out 40,000 hats by the next morning. After the 2008 Super Bowl, another fella and I were hauling boxes of finished product out to the loading dock to be picked up. It was 1:17 am, I’ll never forget checking my watch as I wheeled a load outside. After sliding the boxes off the hand truck, I looked up at the old building across the alley from the loading dock, and noticed blue light shining through a couple of the bricked over windows with silhouettes of people walking back and forth inside. Like, these things were opaque, it’s brick. Yet I was watching a bustling factory inside through the window. I stopped in my tracks, just staring for a minute or two until the other guy hauling boxes came out the door. I asked “hey, am I tripping or do you see this?” Absolutely unbothered, he replied “ya, I noticed that last load. We used to see weird stuff back in Mexico all the time tho.” I took a picture on my old moto rzr and went back to work. The light shone through for a couple more trips, but by 2 o’clock it was back to being brick. I still have that photo on a hard drive somewhere.


I was traveling with my family in the middle of nowhere, VA, and we stopped at a chain restaurant to eat. I went to the bathroom, and it was completely empty. I was washing my hands when the door opened. In the mirror was an odd-looking kid with almond-shaped eyes. He looked super young — maybe 5 years old. Nobody was with him. He came in and just stood and stared at me. I think I said something like, ‘Do you need help?’ and he turned toward the stalls and straight-up disappeared. I didn’t believe my eyes, and actually checked the stalls (all the doors were open), popped my head out the door, and even checked under the sink. Nobody was there. He couldn’t have ran back through the door that fast because 1. it did not open again, and 2. he didn’t go back that way anyway. I always wondered what it was. Ghost? Alien? Some sort of weird brain fart?

Image source: TheTonyExpress


Image source: ihadtopickthisname, Bruno Cervera

I worked at a pet store. I closed one night and part of the duties were to close all the lids on the fish tanks (no way for anything to get out. I opened the next morning and found 6 fish dead on the floor, on their bellies, an inch apart, perfectly in line.

Wasnt the only thing weird that happened there…


I swear to christ my childhood/current home has gnomes.

When I was 13 or so I lost my wallet- a *super cool* Vans one with a chain and everything, peak style for the new millennium- along with the $30 and middle school ID that were inside it. My dad and I searched for three days and turned up nothing.

Freshman year of college, the first morning I was home for winter break, I come downstairs. Right there, on the goddamn coffee table, was my wallet. $30, middle school ID, and all.

I asked my dad where he found it, he had no idea what I was talking about. If my dad is messing with me, it would be so heinously out of character I’d literally be worried about his mental health. That kind of screwing around just isn’t his style, so I genuinely believe him.

But I have no f*****g clue what happened. We’ve never hired a cleaning service and hadn’t had any guests for months beforehand. But I have no f*****g clue *what did* happen, then.

*And that’s not all.*

I’m living in the same house now, and just a few months ago, while I was living alone, I woke up one morning to find that my glasses were goddamned *nowhere.* Not in the usual spot (on the windowsill), not in usual wrong spots (where I toss ’em haphazardly when I’m sleepy or lazy), not on the floor…

After a few hours of searching I gave up and wore my spare pair for the day. They’re an old prescription but they work well enough, and after failing to find my regular glasses again on day two, I honestly totally forgot I’d lost them.

Until after about a month I started to get headaches from the wrong prescription. I figured out what it was quick enough, and started tearing my room up looking- moved the bed, moved out the bookshelf, went through all my drawers, no stone unturned.

After a few hours, I stood in the wreckage of my bedroom, surrounded by clothes, out of breath and frustrated.

And then I saw them.

On the windowsill. Right where I always put them. Right where I *not only* looked several times, but literally *ran my hand along* (as if they’d be invisible or something).


Image source: bendbars_liftgates


I’m breaking the rules because I only *heard* this, but it’s spooky and true.

My parents would leave for work an hour before my bus came, so I got an hour to watch cartoons. I loved it. One morning I heard the distinct click of the basement door closing (so I assumed someone got in a basement window and thought nobody was home).

I screamed out “I haven’t seen you, please don’t hurt me! I’ll leave right now and I promise I won’t tell anyone” and ran out the front door with my backpack.

We lived in a rural area and had a long driveway, but I heard plates and glasses shattering because it was May and the kitchen window was partly open. That was a *long* wait for my bus lol. I didn’t tell anyone, and when I got home…nothing was broken or missing.

It had never occurred to me to be scared of being home alone in the morning, so there was no real reason I’d convince myself I heard something. But that basement door had a very loud click that echoed up the stairs. And it’s hard to mistake other sounds for glasses and plates being thrown on the ground.

Image source: UStoAUambassador


Image source: kmsc84, Elijah Mears

I was living in my last apartment back in the 90s.

I walked down the hall, turned to go to the bathroom, and got hit in the back with a penny.

Nobody else was in the apartment.


Image source: JansFingerHorns, SHVETS production

A snorkel mouth piece at the pool. No other parts , no one else around. The exact piece that my brother used to carry around when he was 2. What he was reaching for (we think) when he fell in and almost drowned. About 25 years later, he OD’d. And the morning we spread his ashes, later that day we went to my sister’s pool to get our minds off it. And we found that f*****g snorkel mouth piece. Miss you, Chicken.


Image source: ParticularParticle79, cottonbro studio

Had (apparently) a sleep hallucination (different from a night terror) and saw a black ichor monster with a crown made of flesh. It ran at me all herky jerky when it noticed I was awake. I screamed and put the blanket over my head. My mom woke up and ran into the room. It was gone.

Looked as real as real life, just a few feet from me. It was seamless with real life.

20 years later and haven’t experienced anything like that before or after.

Mom later said she saw a moving shadow in the room before she turned on the light.


There have been a few weird, unexplainable things happen to me, but one that really sticks out is from when I as living in this small 1br apt. You know how when you live somewhere for a while, you basically have the place memorized and can walk around in the dark? Well, I had lived in this place for almost 5 years, and my routine before bed was basically turning lights off in the living room, going into the bathroom to brush my teeth, turn bathroom light off and walk across the hall and get into my bed, without turning the light on in my bedroom. I always did this. Well, one night , I walk into my bedroom and right as I’m about to climb into bed, “SPIDER” pops into my head, as if someone said it to me. I thought, “hmm, that’s weird”, but I turned around and turned on the light, pulled the comforter and sheet back , and there was this big spider in my bed. I got the chills wondering why the word “SPIDER” popped into my head like that. I didn’t have a spider problem in my apartment. I didn’t find spiders in my apt. all the time or anything. It was really weird.

Image source: ONESNZER0S


Image source: ZioZvevo, Pixabay

When I was at chess tournaments as a kid, I would always hang out with this one kid. My dad was friends with his dad.

All was good, until one day.

When we were walking out to the parking lot after a tournament, we were talking, and laughing. My family was to the left side of them, and him and his dad were to the right side of us (the distance was a couple meters from each other).

I remember looking at them, looking the other way for a split second, and then looking back at them-just to see that they have vanished.

It may sound weird, but they actually *vanished*. My family was flabbergasted. My dad even went up the stairs to quickly search the building for them. No sign at all. To this day, that mystery has become unexplained.

I never saw them after that. There is evidence that they have existed though, as there is a picture of that same kid in the academy where I used to go as a kid.

It creeps me out everytime.


Image source: TylerTexas10, Manóah Ruiz Rodriguez

My grandmother swears I was saved by an Angel at the beach when I was a baby. Obviously I was way too young to remember but the way the story goes is we were floating around in the ocean and a wave knocked lil 6 month me off of a raft and away from my grandma.

She claims she panicked and that I was nowhere to be seen, but as she ran to the shore a freakishly tall old man with wispy grey hair caught her and handed me over. After checking to see if I was okay she turned to thank him but says he had vanished completely.


Image source: fuqdisshite, Burak The Weekender

when i was 22 and my gf was 18 we were driving on a rainy night after dark and saw a young lady on the side of the road. as we drove past my gf asked me to stop and see if she needed a ride so i did.

when she climbed in she was a little old lady.

we drove her to her destination and after dropping her off and driving in silence for a bit my gf looks at me and goes, “Did you see a pretty young girl when we passed her the first time?”

i said yes that i had thought she was 18ish and was definitely not a wrinkley old lady.

we both saw the woman in both forms. f**king shapeshifter!


I used to live in a camper in my parent’s driveway in the middle of abso-f*****g-lutely nowhere NS CA. Now yes, of course I know there are plenty of things that *could* have done these, but it just, doesn’t, feel right. Had to be there.

Every other night I would hear rustling in the foliage around the camper, usually it was normal but sometimes I could tell whatever was out there was moving on two feet. Like, not reaching up for something above them or sauntering around, but I mean full on sprinting at break neck speeds with the unmistakable “thump, pause, thump, pause” of a bipedal animal. And it would knock, too. Every now and then on my door, but usually on the side I sleep on. Regularly intervalled, evenly spaced knocks of three every couple of minutes for an hour or so. Moaning and groaning, far enough you could miss it but close enough to be ominous. Quiet cackling. Blood curtling screams cut of suddenly. Sometimes there was a *stench*. The classic putrid rotting musk you hear about in stories like these. It wasn’t always present with other things though unlike most of the other things (most things would coincide) so I’m hesitant to call it a wendigo even though it *is* the Appalachian mountains.

One time while having a bonfire with my sister there were some animalistic noises coming from the tree line on the bank of a little river in front of us (river starts about 5m from the fire pit and is a m or so across). A wheezy, wet, low snarl backed up by labored breathing. With a *plunck, kersplash,* whatever it was just dropped into the water and is walking towards us. **We only heard two splashes.** Noped the f**k out, went back inside the cottage and watched the fire from the window to make sure it went out. And as we were walking away, I shined my light over, and neither of us could see anything. There was a tree and a small bank it could have hidden behind though.

And our dog would bug the f**k out all the time. She’s one the best behaved dogs I’ve ever seen but sometimes she just *would not move*. Hair standing up, legs tensing into 3rd gear, **staring** into the woods with intent. When you finally managed to get her attention, she’d turn her head back agonizingly slowly with the most confused, innocent, and dreadful look on her face. You’d have to pull her for a few steps to pull her out of whatever it was. And no, I really don’t think it was another dog, she usually just runs away from or barks at other dogs but would be silent here. And not a squirrel or something either, she’s only mildly interested in them, still listens to us around them, and looks excited and happy when she sees them.

I hated that place, always carried my sword for the 3m walk from my camper to the cottage. Thanks for the opportunity to tell this though, don’t think I have yet. I have more stories of similar happenings, and a sighting or two of something I think is the same kind of creature if not the same creature and it followed me, if anyone would like to hear more.

Image source: Azraellie


My older brother and I were probably 10 and 13 at the time this happened. We used to watch the history channel and saw the shows about UFOs and what not. People talking about seeing actual triangles just floating in the sky with no sound. My brother and I watched them just to poke fun at the witnesses because we thought it was so far fetched and ridiculous.

One night, just after sun down, we were outside feeding our dogs. My brother looks up and notices something in the sky. I look up with him and I’ll be damned, a hovering triangular object, making no noise was hovering over our heads. What made it so eerie was that it was hovering not much higher than the tree tops but still, no noise. My brother shined the flashlight at it which scared me even more lol.

We instantly ran inside and told our parents but of course they’re not going to believe the kids and honestly, I don’t blame them. Ever since that night, I’ve always looked up in the sky, hoping to see something like it again but I have yet to. I’ll never forget it.

Image source: limboor


Image source: ThrowawayDewdrop, Alexas Fotos

saw a friendly looking cat that I didn’t recognize coming up to me, like it was looking for attention, in the hallway of my house. Right when it got close, it disappeared. Years later, I got a kitten, which grew into a cat that reminded me of that cat


Image source: I_Framed_OJ, Madison Inouye

I was hanging out on the sidewalk in front of a drugstore when some dude walked by, stopped, looked at me, and asked me to think of a card, any card. Then he said ”you’re picturing the five of clubs!” I was amazed. That’s the card I was thinking of. ”Holy s**t, that’s right!” I said. The dude just winked and walked away.

That’s the best magic trick I’ve ever seen, and it was some rando on the street that I never saw again. I have no clue how he did it, other than some form of subliminal planting of the image in my mind, but that’s unreliable. It was a card trick that involved no cards at all. That was the most inexplicable thing I’ve ever seen.


this happened around 10 years ago, right after my grandpa died. I was 10 years old and trying to fall asleep in my room on my back when I heard whispering. I didn’t think anything of it, maybe it was mums TV in the next room but it got louder and settled right above me. I was completely lucid, able to move so it wasn’t sleep paralysis.

It was two voices, a female and a male, and I had the sense they were talking AT me if that makes sense? the strangest thing was, I could very clearly make out syllables but I couldn’t understand what was being said. I knew it wasn’t in a language I couldn’t understand, I just… couldn’t understand what they were saying, like it was muffled, but so clear at the same time?

I was horrified understandably, and after about 10 minutes of just talking, I called out “stop please” and it stopped immediately and I never heard anything like this again. I can only attribute it to my pop dying a couple days before this, but in saying that it doesn’t explain the female voice at all

Image source: kermadii


Image source: BlueEmu, Jessica West

I shared this several years ago. Our house seemed to be haunted for a while. We had two small kids at the time. Shortly after we moved in, we noticed that the kids’ electronic toys would sometimes turn on and make noises by themselves. Some would start moving around or flashing with nobody nearby. It didn’t happen too often. Sometimes we would go days without an event. Our slightly tongue-in-cheek hypothesis was that a ghost of a child had moved in, attracted to the new kids in the house, and liked playing with the toys. The skeptic in me said it was some kind of electrical interference, even though I knew deep down that powering up toys with just some interference wasn’t likely. Plus none of the other electronics in the house were affected. Only the toys. One night I fell asleep on the couch. A growling sound woke me and there was a red glow that went out just as I opened my eyes. I sat straight up, wide awake and heart pounding in the dark room. The light switch was across the room and I couldn’t get up the courage to walk over there in the dark. While sitting there and trying to remain calm, the growl came again and the darkness lit up from two red dots… I instantly jumped, and then saw that the lights were the tail lights of a toy race car. The growl was an engine noise coming from the car. This was a car that would make noise as you rolled it on the floor. I turned on the light, grabbed the car, and turned it over to switch it off. The power switch was already off. The events persisted for a year or two, and then tapered off. Nothing strange has happened for several years.


Image source: john972121, Nick Romanov

This goes along with other stories but it’s the one that stuck out –

When I was probably 11, I was at home with my mom and dad. The way our house was set up, the office opened into the living room from a very wide door, and the kitchen was next to the living room, fairly open concept. I was in the office on my computer, my dad was on the couch watching tv, we were probably 10 feet apart at most within view of one another. It was like 7 at night and was pretty much totally dark out.

What we saw I can only describe as the most intense camera flash you could imagine. Think about how lightning lights up the dark sky so much it looks like daylight for a second, it was that but indoors. It wasn’t lighting outside, sky was clear and somehow you could just tell it originated inside.

Dad and I looked at each other. We both saw the same thing, and we both sat there a little freaked out. We’ve talked about it dozens of times and our stories are still identical, but we can’t figure it out.

Dad and I both saw it, one big flash, just as quick as a camera flash. Completely overtook both rooms.

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