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20 Strange and Unnerving Photos Shared By This Twitter Account

Published 1 month ago

Seeing certain things on the internet can feel like watching a really bad accident. Even though you might want to look away, you can’t help but keep looking. Whether it’s a really scary movie or a picture of someone wearing terrible clothes, it’s hard to explain why people are so interested in frightening things.

A place on the internet called ‘Creepy‘ is full of these scary images. The people there share all sorts of creepy stuff, like spooky drawings, paintings, and pictures. We’ve gathered some of these images here for you to see, but be careful—some of them can be really unsettling.

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#1 19th Century Hydrocephalic Foetus Skull, Royal College Of Surgeons Museum, Edinburgh

Image source: liminus81

#2 Now Bro Is One Of Them

Image source: Dead_Ark

#3 I’m Sorry Jon (By Rojom)

Image source: very_lucid

#4 Forgive Us That Remain

Image source: d4hm3r

#5 Photo Printer At Work Had A Ribbon Malfunction

Image source: nannerpusonpancakes

#6 Artwork By Brian Csati (Oil On Panel)

Image source: Agitated_Guard_4826

#7 A Personal Hatred, Me, Ink And Acrylic, 2023

Image source: GoblinSuplex

#8 “Small Death” (Carved From A Single Piece Of Wood, Before 1519)

Image source: Mycorrhizzla

#9 “Home Bodies” Illustration By Me, Inks On Photograph

Image source: Only_Astronaut_5419

#10 Hollllll, Oil Painting By Me

Image source: sloppjockey_ert

#11 My Daughter Through The Baby Monitor

Image source: Ginger_Bits92

Took me a horrifying minute to figure out it was somehow the back of her head.

#12 Aren’t Ya Gonna Come Down? (Digital Edit)

Image source: LeeroyM

#13 An Iris Growing Over Pupil

Image source: testingcreepy

#14 Skull Of Mary Magdalene

Image source: Creepytesting

#15 Evil Days

Image source: MaKe-Art-LiKe-A-Punk

#16 “Nt|tld”, Made By Xrev_v (Me)

Image source: xrev_v

#17 Infestation

Image source: LeeroyM

#18 Ritual Demon From My Nightmares That I Made

Image source:

#19 The Art

Image source: Creepytesting

#20 Haunted? Maybe

Image source: Fusionayy

Saumya Ratan

From captivating stories to awe-inspiring creations, Saumya has a knack for unearthing hidden treasures online. A delightful explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming, she loves to share her discoveries with people around the globe.

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