22 Absurdly Funny Pics That Are Borderline Weird And Slightly Creepy

Published 10 months ago

The real world can be a weird place, you just need to know when and where to look. If you’ve been feeling lacklustre or stuck in a rut this may be just the pickup you need. While at first glance, the images may befuddle your brain, the silliness will surely get you hooked in an instant too. 

Sharing their ridiculously weird discoveries with the world, the subreddit r/weird is a light-hearted collection. The members of this community have found some truly odd content but it’s safe for all sensibilities as long as you can appreciate the good humour behind the pics. 

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#1 Snow Covered Mushroom Tree

Image source: CrisperKoleslaw

#2 A House I Pass Walking To School

Image source: sasha_matrosov

#3 When You Find Yourself At 3am In The Wrong Side Of Town

Image source: izacktorres

#4 Middle New Yorkish Owlcat

Image source: bil-sabab

#5 Just Some Rust, Keep Scrolling

Image source: Antelope-Feisty

#6 My Friend Found This Sign In A Cabin Which Freaks Me Out…? Any Idea…?

Image source: shingooshmoojiii

#7 Flooding Recently Uncovered Three Tomb Stones In My Backyard

Image source: cutmylifeintofleecez

#8 Found This Inside The Wall In My Hallway. I’ve Lived In This House For All Of My 46 Years

Image source: BeginningSir2984

#9 Devils Tower Is A Geological Wonder Located In The Black Hills Of Northeastern Wyoming In The United States. It Is A Massive Rock Formation That Rises 867 Feet Above Its Base And Is Considered Sacred By Several Native American Tribes

Image source: Cleverman72

#10 Lent My Notebook To My Friend And She Gave It Back With This Written In It

Image source: _Prefer_Not_To_Say_

#11 I Noticed Something Strange In A Photo I Took Last Winter Around 3 Am. I Think A Man Crawling In The Middle Of The Road Towards The Mist

Image source: lovewilltearsusapart

#12 A Tree I Parked In Front Of Looks Like It Has Eyes

Image source: Snivern

#13 A Family Took A Photo Of A Massive, Purple Jellyfish Washed Up On An Island In Maine Over The Weekend

Image source: yasirulakshitha

#14 Actual Pastafarian At Santa Monica (California) Dmv

Image source: zionbwoy6

#15 Found This On A Mountain In Ireland

Image source: reddit.com

#16 What Happened? Suddenly, The Skies Above South Dakota Turned Green. A Rare Phenomenon That Is Like Being In A Magical World

Image source: puffthezCloud

#17 Graveyard From The 1800’s

Image source: GummiShark52

#18 What Dentists Use For Training

Image source: TheCabbageGuy82

#19 My Friend Asked Me To Bake A Pie For His Wife’s Birthday. I Made Them This

Image source: Kapornacis

#20 A Magnet On My Dad’s Fridge

Image source: kidzbop100gecs

#21 I Found 93 Copies Of Forrest Gump In A Closet At The Inspection For A House I’m Looking To Buy

Image source: Lacroix_boiii

#22 This Is America!

Image source: Smartercow

Shanilou Perera

Shanilou has always loved reading and learning about the world we live in. While she enjoys fictional books and stories just as much, since childhood she was especially fascinated by encyclopaedias and strangely enough, self-help books. As a kid, she spent most of her time consuming as much knowledge as she could get her hands on and could always be found at the library. Now, she still enjoys finding out about all the amazing things that surround us in our day-to-day lives and is blessed to be able to write about them to share with the whole world as a profession.

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