30 Photos That Will Make You Say ‘WTF’ Shared To This Online Group

Published 4 years ago

The world is full of all sorts of weird stuff – and there’s no other place that’s more dedicated to documenting it than the r/WTF subreddit. It’s chock full of creepy and bizarre images, and if they won’t make you say “what the f***” out loud, I don’t know what will.

Overly curious polar bears, bone-chilling clowns, mountains of china in the middle of the forest and much more – check out a collection of the weirdest images submitted to the r/WTF subreddit in the gallery below!

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#1 Cabin In Alaska For Rent, Lovely View

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

#2 This Cemetery Fire From Yesterday Looks Like A Horror Movie’s Climax

Image source: edrini

#3 My Venus Flytrap Uses All Its Energy To Make 200 Mouths Instead Of Growing Big

Image source: penboiyi

#4 Yes

Image source: nordicwow

#5 Guy Found A Glass Eye Embedded In The Rock At A Beach

Image source: JinxXedOmens

#6 Rome Yesterday

Image source: Anonymous

#7 Sinkhole Opened In Cornish Backyard, Leading 300ft Down Into A Medieval Mineshaft

Image source: TwoSquareClocks

#8 Found This Clown Mannequin Half A Mile Deep Into A Drainage Pipe Tied Like This To A Grate

Image source: SoDakZak

#9 Aligadoor

Image source: adewasal

#10 Fiat Had A Test Track On Their Factory Rooftop In 1929

Image source: cooldrummer1208

#11 I’m A Contractor. Bought An Abandoned/Foreclosed Home To Renovate. This Was In The Basement Bathroom. What. The. F.

Image source: spwhalenjr13

#12 I Was Driving Through The Back Roads Of Pennsylvania On The Way To A Camping Spot And Found A Mountain Of Ceramic Dishes And Tea Cups In The Middle Of The Woods!?

Image source: Awesome_Clips

#13 27 Contact Lenses Were Found By Doctors In Woman’s Eye

Image source: cdeae

#14 In Algeria We Have These Weird Things In Public Parks And Children’s Playgrounds

Image source: boustilyasser

#15 Train After Failing To Brake Finds Itself On Top Of A Giant Whale Statue!

Image source: Andrew_64_MC

#16 A Rather “Rural” Patient Came In With New-Onset Seizures. Ct Reveals Small Metal Pellets In Head. Patient States His Wife Accidentally Shot Him Several Years Ago While Trying To Get A Raccoon Off Their Property

Image source: coco-ono

#17 So This Lizard Moved Into My Microwave Clock. I Guess It’s His Now?

Image source: blakwngbrd

#18 Raising Anchor Of Your Oil Tanker Only To Realize You’ve Hooked An Unexploded Torpedo

Image source: Business-Socks

#19 Oh, Let Me Just Park My Squid

Image source: Anonymous

#20 No Filters. Australia Is Red From Wildfires

Image source: Anonymous

#21 I Really Have No Idea What Happened

Image source: guvertoon

#22 What, Exactly, Was The Sequence Of Events That LED To This?

Image source: 6ThreeSided9

#23 My Girlfriend Sent Me This From Her Doctors Appointment

Image source: antiquebanana

#24 You’re Not Taking This Grandma’s Purse

Image source: Tankspanker

#25 Secret Recording Device Under Break Room Table At Work

Image source: Egomzez

#26 My 6 Yr Old: “How Will He Go Poop If His Tail Is Inside His Butthole?!”

Image source: Smokeybearvii

#27 Camping In Florida Looks Fun

Image source: Naptownfellow

#28 Ct Scan Of 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Sculpture Reveals Mummified Monk Hidden Inside

Image source: vienna95

#29 Vandals Painted A Complete Train Silver In A Small Town In The Netherlands 2 Nights Ago

Image source: Dzjezzie

#30 A “Zombie Spider” – Spider Covered In Fungus, Half-Dead, Half-Alive Which Can Crawl Around. Found In My Basemen

Image source: iDrinkOxygen

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