Choosing a Carpet: Which One is the Best For You and Your Home?

Published 8 years ago

You are scrubbing and washing your carpet with a desperate motions, seeing that the stains won’t come off after almost an hour of scrubbing it. Next thing you know is that you are definitely buying a new carpet this month. But how do you know which one is most appropriate for your lifestyle?

When it comes to carpeting, the variety being offered on the market is enormous. So many patterns, textures and colors are available out there, that it becomes even more difficult to choose which one of them to purchase. Add the opinions of your husband/wife and kids, and you’ve got the full picture.

My advice is, when you are looking for a carpet, be extremely careful and take into account all other conditions in order to make the smartest choice. If you are wondering which these conditions are, let me explain them below.

First and foremost, think of which room you are buying the carpet for. If it is for the living areas or the corridor, then you should go for a more durable and less gentle option. The flooring in these areas usually withstands very heavy traffic, so you don’t need a carpet which will soon wear away and flatten.

Second most important thing is how much you will care for it (I mean, really), and how much soiling it will endure. In case you have kids or pets, it is more likely that the carpet occasionally will be puked, spilled or peed on. In these situations, the immediate actions are a must, otherwise the odour will settle and you will have a really bad time trying to remove it. If your carpet has stains and pet fur integrated between the carpet fibres, a routine steam cleaning is one of the most important things you have to do. This way you will be sure that its great look will last for longer time.

Last but not least, match the carpet material with the upholstery of your couches and chairs. It is very likely that when you hire a professional, you will want him to clean both the rugs and the sofas. If one of them has to be steam cleaned, and the other one dry cleaned, you might have to pay more for the extra machinery needed on site. Moreover, matching upholstery and carpet enhances the visual appearance of the room, making it look more elegant and stylish.

To ensure you are making a good decision, consult a designer or the carpets seller – they will give you some very useful tips and probably ease the whole process. Check the Carpet Institute’s website to get even more useful information and understanding of the maintenance carpets require.

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