Choosing the Right Vanity Sink for Your Bathroom

Published 8 years ago

Bathrooms no longer need to be boring. Choosing the right sink style to fit in your personal space can be overwhelming, but once you understand what you are looking for, it becomes easy. Here is a guide on how to choose the right bathroom sink.

Types of Bathroom Sink Styles

1. Top-Mount Sinks

Also called the drop in sink is designed to sit on the countertop. The rim sits on the counter while the rest of the sink sits below. This is the easiest type of sink one can install in the house.


Quickly adapts to your bathroom style as it can fit with any material.

Cheap to install in a stone counter top; they do not need polishing of the cutout edges.


Water spills directly into the sink from the counter.

2. Undermount Sinks

The sink sits underneath a solid surface counter.


There is no rim to contend with making cleaning easy.

The actual sink is almost invisible giving your bathroom a flawless look.


Replacing the sink is challenging as it is underneath.

The sink requires solid surfaces like marble, concrete, or granite and does not fit with laminate.

The sink is costly compared to mount on top sinks.

3. Modern Pedestal Sinks

Some models sit completely on the counter whereas some sit on partially (recessed installation).


These modern pedestal sinks call for attention, and they are perfect for an elegant bathroom.

Made for people who love deep sinks.


The sink requires specialists during installations.

Cleaning the back of the sink is tedious.

4. Pedestal Sinks

Perfect for bathrooms that have waste pipes going through the floor. It consists of a basin mounted on a slender column.


It is ideal for small bathrooms that have no space.

The style is classic and gives your bathroom a vibrant vibe.


There is no storage space around the counter.

Makes cleaning harder.

5. All in One Sink and Countertop

In this type, the sink is molded as part of the countertop.


It is easy to clean.

There are no ridges; it safe for family use.


The counter space is not flat as compared to top-mount sinks.

6. Vanity Semi-Recessed Sink

This sink is made for people with small bathrooms but wants to install vanity cabinets in the small space.


It sits proudly at the front of the countertop giving your bathroom a serene feel.

The counter space is left free for cosmetics, toothpaste, shavers, and other products.

Perfect for children and less mobile people as the countertop is not an obstruction.


There is limited storage space underneath the sink.

Since there is no counter to catch the water, floor spills and splashes are frequent.

What to Look Out for When Purchasing a Bathroom Sink

Look for designs that will fit your bathroom style, configuration, and space.

It is critical to know the type of care requirements the sink will require before you purchase it.

Consider the purpose of the sink and who will use it.

Give your bathroom the perfection that only vanity bathroom sinks can give. Always go for sinks that are durable and can fit perfectly in your bathroom. The purpose and traffic of the sink are what determines the size and sink material that your sink should have.

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