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22 Modern and Creative Lamps

Published 7 years ago

Before the invention of the light bulb, illuminating the world after the sun went down was a really hard and messy task. Just think about the amount of candles or torches needed to fully light up a good-sized room.

The humanity already solved this problem, however we’ve created a more serious problem… Now we have thousands of incredibly creative lamp designs, and it’s just too hard to choose one. Oh, the good old days when there was either a torch or a candle…

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1. Wrecking Ball Lamp


2. Ice Cream Lamps

(Designer: unknown)

3. Light Blub

(Designer: Pieke Bergmans)

4. Abyss Table Lamp


5. Melting Lamps

(Designer: Keita Ogawa)

6. Giant Lamp

(Designer: George Carwardine)

7. Alien Abduction Lamp


8. Bottle Lamps

(Designer: unknown)

9. Tea Lamps

(Designer: Louisa Kober)

10. One Man Shy™

You can get on from Fred.

11.  Light Dressing

(Designer: Mary Huang)

12. Dandelion Lamp

(Designer: Qin Xue, Cao iXiaoxiao & Wei Hangshuai)

13. Garbage Lamp

(Designer: Peter Castellucci)

14. Noose Hanging Lamp

(Designer: unknown)

15. Electro Heart Lamp

(Designer: unknown)

16. Liquid Lamp

(Designer: kyouei design)

17. Mario Bros Garden Lamps

(Designer: Arthur Xin)

18. Martyr Lamp


19. Modulares Lamps

(Designer: unknown)

20. Tea Cup Lamp

(Designer: Jan Bernstein)

21. Pixel Lamps

(Designer: Chan Wan Ki Kay, Chen Siu Wa Shai Chai, and Suen Ka Hei Catherine)

22. Teddy Bear Lamp

(Designer: Matthew Kinealy)

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