Delicate Lights Made Of Real Dandelions By Takao Inoue

Published 10 years ago

Dandelions, the flowers of fields and river banks, are a symbol of spring and a poetic glimpse of one‘s childhood. Their fluffy frailty also caught the attention of cinematographer Takao Inoue, who used real dandelions to design a set of elegant lights called OLED Tampopo.

The deflorate dandelions were carefully harvested during springtime and sealed into clear acrylic plastic blocks. One OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) miniature light was embedded into each dandelion’s stem. It’s not fully clear where the power for the lights comes from and how did managed to avoid air bubbles while embedding dandelions into the blocks. However, an artist as masterful as Inoue deserves to keep the process behind such graceful beauty a secret, no matter how curious we are.

Source: | Somewhere Tokyo (via: lostateminor)

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