21 DIY Lamps And Chandeliers Made Of Everyday Objects

Published 10 years ago

The DIY movement and the recycling movements have long been closely related – creating your own new stuff out of the remains of your old stuff is a great way to reuse materials that would otherwise enter landfills and save you money. Although not ALL of these ideas are recycling related, these DIY lamp and chandelier projects will keep your home beautifully lit and your wallet fat.

These projects involve various skill levels (and the gummy bear “candelier” is especially tricky if you can’t get your hands on plastic gummy bears), so whether you’re handy around power tools or if all you can do is cut and glue, you will still find a project in here that’s right for you. Some of these focus on using wasted/old materials, while others simply give you the chance to create yourself something you can’t buy in a store for dirt-cheap.

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1. DIY Recycled TetraBox Lamp

Designed by Ed Chew

2. Plastic Spoon Lamp

Designed by Yaroslav Olenev

3. Hanger Lights

Image credits: Natalie Sampson

4. Gummy Bear Chandelier

Designed by Kevin Champeny (NOTE: These are acrylic gummy bears. Don’t use real ones or they might melt!)

5. Chandeliers That Turn A Room Into A Forest

Designed by Thyra Hilden & Pio Diaz

6. Drum Chandelier

Designed by ludwigmetals

7. Old Bike Parts Turned Into A Chandelier

Designed by Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock

8. Carved African Gourd (Calabash) Lamps

Designed by Calabarte

9. Hat Lamps

Designed by Jeeves & Wooster

10. Paper Orb Lights

Image credits: designsponge.com

11. Grater Lights

Image credits: recyclart.org

12. Doily Lamp

Designed by Isabelle Mcallister

13. Silverware Lights

Designed by Francois Legault

14. Cloud Night Lights

Designed by sheharzad

15. Globe Lights

Designed by Benoît Vieubled

16. Cup Lights

Designed by Gregory Bonasera

17. DIY Yarn Lampshade

Image credits: unknown

18. Pop Top Lampshade

Image credits: makezine.com

19. Paper Starburst Pendant Light

Image credits: Gabrielle Guy | the3rsblog.wordpress.com

20. Wine Bottle Lights

Designed by Chris Weylandt

21. Plastic Bottle Chandelier

mage credits: blogilates.com | michellebrand.co.uk

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