Cute Otter Comic Explains Why Men Shouldn’t Expect Women To Do Everything Around The Home

Published 3 years ago

Robert is a Singaporean artist who creates the adorable Robert the Otter comic strip. He regularly creates colorful comics that explore all sorts of social and psychological issues, and in one of his latest ones the artist decided to illustrate why men shouldn’t expect women to do everything around the home.

The artist says that the comic was inspired by a conversation he had with his wife about cleaning around the house after they had an argument regarding this topic. After the talk, Robert discovered there were a lot of hidden expectations, and decided to illustrate them.

“All in all, I think it led me to learn a few things about expectations and the mental load overall. I suddenly realized I had been putting a lot of pressure on her at home without even realizing it,” explained the artist. “After trying my best to understand the mental burden that women face in society, we grew closer in a totally new way. Sometimes, it’s worth remembering that men may not realize the mental burden that women face every day.”

Robert says that what he hopes to achieve with this comic is to have men understand and consider the pressure their partners might be facing, and help them strengthen the bond in their relationships. Check out the Do Men expect Women to do Everything? comic in the gallery below!

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