40 Gorgeous Christmas Trees Decorated In Celebration Of The Season

Published 6 months ago

Decorating a Christmas tree can be a DIY disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing. While some people seem to have an intrinsic eye for design, not everyone is gifted similarly. 

However, thanks to the vast internet we can simply take a quick look online for some creative ideas. Whether you’re aiming for a simple setup or a truly awe-inspiring look, this list has a magical collection of unique Christmas tree designs to be inspired by. 

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#1 Invisible Christmas Tree

Image source: GeneReddit123

Mimi La Souris: or a very shy tree :D

#2 This Very Cool Christmas Tree

Image source: stellerarts

#3 My Dad’s Christmas Tree. He Got It From A Mexican Import Shop

Image source: Ahwtfohok

#4 We Spend 7 Hours Decorating Our Rainbow Christmas Tree

Image source: Morana_Saracevic

Zaphod: OP obviously does not have cats.

#5 All The Cats Are Surprisingly Ok With It

Image source: TravisCPratt

KatSaidWhat: I’ve just realised what I can do with my redundant CD and DVD collections…

#6 Driftwood Christmas Tree – Making The Best Of It On A Tropical Island

Image source: reddit.com

#7 My Father Made A Christmas Tree

Image source: Jorn_GA

#8 My Roommate’s Idea Of Christmas Trees

Image source: sabins253

KatSaidWhat: Your roommate is right.

#9 This Christmas Tree In Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania

Image source: 4990

nomnomborkbork: Succulents and plants and flowers–oh my!

#10 My First Christmas Tree In My First Apartment (Living Alone). Happy Holidays Everyone

Image source: lovesickjones

Tracy Wallick: As someone from southern California, I heartily approve

#11 I Was At My Local Hispanic Bakery, And I Saw This Christmas Tree Made Entirely Of Conchas

Image source: reddit.com

Nice Beast Ludo: Edible? That’s my kind of tree…wouldn’t last very long though

#12 My Upside-Down, Rainbow Glass, Crystal-Dripping Tree. My Favorite Tree I Have Ever Done Actually. Love How Nontraditional And Unique She Looks

Image source: sami_riccioli

nomnomborkbork: Ingenious way to find room for all those long ornaments–it would be impossible on a right-side-up tree.

#13 I Put Up A Christmas Tree That We Encourage Our Cats To Climb Into

Image source: HerpDerpenberg

#14 I Set Up My Christmas Tree Last Night

Image source: reesekitkat

Sheri Lytle: this is very nice, very clever!!

#15 My Christmas Tree For This Year

Image source: reddit.com

K Miller: Love the hats on the snake plants lol

#16 This Year, I Crocheted A 6-Foot Tall Christmas Tree

Image source: lanowmom

Heather Evans: Such an incredible amount of work!! I need a close up of the branches you crochet-hook maniac!!!

#17 Christmas Village Tree

Image source: reddit.com

nomnomborkbork: Perfect way to use all your village without using up a room of floor space. Great idea!

#18 A Few Weeks Ago, I Got A Really Overwhelming Response For The Star, So I Thought I’d Show You The Full Project. I Present You My Alternative Christmas Tree

Image source: Lumber_jack366

Mimi La Souris (edited): stairways to almost heaven !

#19 Grinch Tree

Image source: YourFavvv_x

Nice Beast Ludo: Ahhh he is stealing the tree get him!

#20 After Two Years Of Depression, I Got My First Tree As A Single Person. Merry Christmas To Everyone

Image source: roblee8908

Tux Cat Momma: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Congratulations!!! Gorgeous tree, too!

#21 This Creative Tree For Christmas

Image source: ChadDoebelin

Tamra: Okay, that’s awesome. My husband and son would love this.

#22 My Christmas Tree. We Couldn’t Afford Christmas Decorations, So Used Stuff We Already Had

Image source: Nefarious-Elf

#23 Here’s My Christmas Tree

Image source: arhiverka

Tabitha: I love a traditional tree with different ornaments on it. “Designer” trees are pretty, but kind of leave me cold because they just don’t look personal. I bet each one was bought over several years, and has a story.

#24 Christmas Tree Made Out Of Portable Toilets In Võru, Estonia

Image source: Hayakamaya

#25 My Grandma’s 15-Foot Tall Tree With Hundreds Of Ornaments. Merry Christmas

Image source: ConCon192

#26 Each Year I Make A Christmas Tree Solution Which Doesn’t Harm A Tree And Relies On Materials I Already Have At Home. This Year I Used A Stash Of Magazines To Make The “Tree”

Image source: dinasaur-musings

#27 Very Lovely

Image source: MarksLarks

#28 Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Image source: tantesetje

Tracy Wallick: I LOVE all those ornaments! Are they crocheted?

#29 I Used My Drums For This Year’s Christmas Tree

Image source: Jonno241

#30 This Year, I Decided Not To Buy A Christmas Tree But Instead Made My Own From Branches In My Backyard

Image source: ban5h3e

Tux Cat Momma: Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

#31 Succulent Christmas Tree. Over 400 Living Succulents On Moss

Image source: Dont_Evan_Try

dayngerkat: If you had to buy those succulents, this would be the most expensive tree on this list

#32 Christmas Tree In Our House

Image source: Damascus_Storm

Patricia Smith: I don’t understand what ya’ll are talking about. I think the tree is beautifully classy, and framed amazingly.

#33 Hail Santa

Image source: Daemurda

#34 First Tree In My First Home

Image source: C1Y3R

Madam Puddyfoot: Look out, that cat is plotting some mischief!

#35 Life-Sized LEGO Christmas Tree

Image source: charlottesweb__

nomnomborkbork: Gotta have a ton of green Lego to make this!

#36 Treezilla

Image source: Steven Newland

#37 My Mom Worked Hard On This Tim Burton / Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Image source: daddysalad

#38 Our Christmas Tree

Image source: rrmc17

#39 That Is So Cute

Image source: 2PlymouthCats

nomnomborkbork: I assume cats don’t like gingerbread?

#40 My Harry Potter-Themed Christmas Tree

Image source: sydthesquid00

TPWK 🩵: That’s flippin awesome

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