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30 Of The Most Creative Christmas Trees Of The Season

Published 6 months ago

Christmas is called the most wonderful time of the year specially because of the tons of lights and the tinsel-town decorations. This Christmas Season is tough for everyone across the world, but people inherently still love to feel good and spread cheer. These 30 creatively decorated Christmas trees still spread the jolly vibes and may inspire you too in whatever your circumstances this year! We wish you the most wonderful time of the year and merry decorating!

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#1 I Made Our Christmas Tree Out Of Books This Year

Image source: CrowHollow

#2 Christmas Snake

Image source: NICUhellokitty

#3 Our Christmas Tree This Year. We Made All The Ornaments As Well

Image source: couchpotatolady

#4 My Flatmate’s Christmas Tree (Rolled Magazine Papers And Glue)

Image source: Staminkja

#5 My Husband And I Always Try To Find The One Tree We Think No One Will Take Home. This Year Our 14’ Tree Has A 12” Gap At The Top. Complete With Mini Lumberjack Mouse

Image source: wsb3237

#6 Our Teepee Tree

Image source: AdmirablePin1367

#7 This Is Hardly Fine Woodworking, But I Just Made This Festive Tin Can Tree Decoration With Basic Pine And A Tree Branch For A Trunk. Love How It Turned Out

Image source: farbulouscreations

#8 This Christmas Tree Made Out Of Old Street Lights

Image source: kapsapirukas

#9 6-Meter-High Christmas Tree, Trivento, Italy, Made With 1,300 Donated Crochet Squares

Image source: womensart1

#10 My Christmas Tree This Year. I Have Been Waiting 10 Years To Put It Up. Most Of The Butterflies Were Crafted By Me In Some Way. Very Happy With How It Turned Out

Image source: roxxxann

#11 I Got My Christmas Tree Made Out Of Flowers. I’m In Love

Image source: AriTheDon

#12 Christmas Tree Made Of Flamingos At The Philadelphia Zoo’s Christmas Lights Display. Merry Christmas, Everyone

Image source: YukihyoUchiha

#13 My Space-Themed Christmas Tree

Image source: stellerarts

#14 At 35-Years-Old, I Finally Have A Christmas Tree Of My Very Own

Image source: FarmerHandsome

#15 My Aunt Propagated Some Succulents And Turned Them Into A Christmas Tree

Image source: uncanny_goat

#16 12 Months Of “Christmas” Tree: Spring/Easter

Image source: riggletiggle

#17 Village Christmas Tree

Image source: Maddaces82

#18 The Ullapool Christmas Tree Has To Be One Of The Most Unique And Distinctive. Made Of About 400 Fishing Creels, It Celebrates The Town’s Close Links With The Sea

Image source: Johnpow1

#19 Toddler/Pet-Friendly Christmas Tree Fort

Image source: savvycrist

#20 My Rainbow Christmas Tree With Bonus Cat Friend

Image source: lucylucylucy

#21 Made A Very Special Christmas Tree This Year! Crafted Each One Until I Ran Out Of Space

Image source: kmutters

#22 I Got A Rainbow Christmas Tree This Year

Image source: shimmer_bee

#23 Every Year My Mum Comes To Visit And Complains We Don’t Have A Christmas Tree. Think She’ll Complain This Year?

Image source: SecondBee

#24 Christmas Tree Made Out Of Recycled Bottles

Image source: -butter-toast-

#25 Merry Christmas Everyone

Image source: johanna__decor

#26 Extremely Proud Of This Custom Tree That Showcases Our LEGO Christmas Collection

Image source: funktopu

#27 This Christmas Tree Is Made Of Crab Traps And Buoys. Wells-Next-The-Sea, UK

Image source: famousaj

#28 This Christmas Tree Made Of Latex Gloves In My Laboratory


Image source: pine_apple_pizza

#29 Dehydrated Citrus Christmas Tree I Made

Image source: PalmsToPines

#30 A Christmas Tree Fit For A Queen. Custom Mariah-Fied Tree

Image source: ScotiabankArena

Shanilou Perera

Shanilou is a free spirit in the world on her own journey. She believes that we need to heal the world like Michael Jackson said and that all the world's a stage like Shakespeare said. She believes we all have a role to play in making the world a better place and hers is on a beach island with a tropical climate; at least for the moment!

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