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10+ People Who Found A Brilliant Way To Save Their Christmas Trees From Their Jerk Cats And Dogs

Published 9 months ago

#101 Tiny Tree= Kitty Can’t Get Me

#102 Dog Proofed

#103 Dog Proofed.

#104 Boxes Underneath, Covered With A Sheet As A Tree Skirt Keeps The Branches From Bending When The Kitties Sit In The Tree And Twist-tied Ornaments Help. :)

#105 They Haven’t Even Suspected The Tree From The Corner To Be Harbering Anything Interesting

#106 Ceiling Christmas Tree 100% Cat Proof

#107 4 Ft Tree Outside Front Porch To Avoid 3 Dogs!!

#108 Dog Proof Christmas

#109 Dog Proof…..its Sitting On Top Of Our Entertainment Center!



#110 Things I Sprayed My Christmas Tree With

Image source: kissmyaster


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