10+ Cases When American Healthcare System Left The Rest Of The World In Shock

Published 7 years ago

The greatest country in the world is still trying to figure out how to keep its citizens healthy and not fully bankrupt at the same time. And while the whole world knows of the constant debate about the healthcare system in the USA, nothing makes you realize the importance of the problem as much as looking at the specific cases that are straight-up baffling.

The list below is compiled of various instances that, unbelievably, are a common occurrence in such an economically evolved country. And although most of the people that shared their stories can’t change the bills they’ve received, speaking about the problem is important as it might encourage a change. At least we hope so.

Scroll down to see the ridiculous cases for yourself and make sure to stay healthy.


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#1 I Had To Pay $39.35 To Hold My Baby After He Was Born

Image source: halfthrottle

#2 US Healtcare System

Image source: chronicillnessproblems

#3 The “Radical” Idea Of Universal Healthcare

Image source: whateverloll

#4 Medical Treatment Is A Privelege

Image source: thedesirina

#5 No, That’s Unamerican

Image source: charlesoberonn

#6 All You Need To Know About American Healthcare System Is That There’s A Popular TV Series Where A Man Turns To Cooking Industrial Quantities Of Crystal Meth In Order To Pay For His Hospital Bills

#7 A Copy Of The Bill We Got When Our Daughter Was Born In Canada

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Almost A Dystopian World Where People Wear Tags Like That

Image source: ruinedchildhood

#9 At Least We’re First In Something

Image source: Mikel_Jollett

#10 We Dressed Up As Universal Healthcare For Halloween. In America, This Is Terrifying To Half Of Our Population!

Image source: Norgoroth


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