25 Stories Of High School Crushes And Their Peculiar Fates

Published 4 months ago

High school crushes hold a special place in our memories, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of our youth. Recently, a unique thread on a popular platform sparked a wave of nostalgia as users shared their stories about the peculiar fates of their high school crushes.

From unexpected reunions to extraordinary life paths, the narratives revealed the fascinating and often unpredictable journey of these once-cherished infatuations.

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Image source: Select_Insurance2000, cottonbro studio

She got married….had 2 kids….and sadly died of cancer.
What a sweet girl she was! I was so sad for her husband and kids….still sad about it.


Image source: paddyton, Andrea Piacquadio

I was 14. At the beginning of the new school year, I was running late to my new English class. The class was too full to accomodate me/a few others, so at the last minute I was switched to another English class with different people/teacher etc.

I walked into class, I sat down and I saw ‘him’. I remember just feeling this intense admiration and awe because he was just SO handsome. He was quiet, kept to himself, almost mysterious.

9 years later, we are still together, and very glad that I was running late that day and therefore got moved into his English class or else we would have never met. ?.


Image source: liconlogsammys, Ivan Samkov

She passed away in a car accident a month before we were to be married. We started dating when we were 16. She passed away at 19. I’m 64 and still a day hasn’t went bye that haven’t cried for her she was my everything.


Image source: FreekyDeep, Anastasia Shuraeva

She was lovely. We were in a small, close knit group of friends. I remember going out one Friday evening and she held my hand. I was ecstatic.

I know today that she didn’t fancy me or even see me in that light as we have discussed it. She knows she was my school crush.

I moved away when I was 16. Saw her once, briefly when I visited when I was 18 and always looked for her when I returned to my home village.

Friends Reunited was a website where you signed up, put in your details and it connected you with people from your school. She hadn’t joined and I was gutted.

Then she did. I paid immediately for full membership so I could email her through the site….. She didn’t respond for 2 years. I know now that it was because she’s not really bothered with social media. Back then, there was no Facebook or anything. She used the internet for research and study only.

She did well for herself. Got a BA Hons and a law degree. Things went downhill for her after she chose to meet up with me. She’s got terrible taste in men….

Cos we’ve been married for 18 years this year and have 2 daughters. She’s now a mental health nurse. Still got terrible taste in men hahaha

Edit to add. We physically met again when we were 32. Now both 51.


Image source: 0_o_hi, Andrea Piacquadio

He grew up in a broken family, and both of his parents were addicts. They divorced when he was 4 or 5. His parents remained addicts. In high school, his mom was arrested and ended up in prison on a 10 year sentence for d***s and child neglect.

After graduation, he didn’t go to college. He worked at a bar for a few years before going into real estate, which turned out to be his passion. He’s now working as an operations manager for a nationwide real estate company, making six-figures while his wife is a stay-at-home dog/cat mom and working on her own small business.

I’m his wife. Life is good. :-).


Image source: GaeloneForYouSir, Vanessa Loring

She’s a doctor now. Dual specialist. Last I heard, she’s in the kitchen, making pancakes for dinner tonight for our 3 year old son.


Image source: Emotionalplatypus12, Leeloo The First

Mine worked for my dad when we were teenagers but he was 3 years older than me so I was too shy to really ever talk to him and his dad told him to stay tf away from me because he was kind of a “bad boy” type of kid lol. He was the most handsome emo boy my little 13 year old self could have ever dreamed of ?seriously though, he was gorgeous (still is absolutely stunning) and eventually when I was 15 my dad sent him to pick me up from school and I was so excited to have a chance to hang out with him. Nothing came of it because he ended up moving out of state and didn’t hear from him again for many years. He had a rough home life and bounced around from place to place. Eventually we reconnected on MySpace a few years later when I was 18 or 19. Nothing came from that either because I had a boyfriend and had just moved in with him. Honestly though, I would have dumped him immediately as my life was beginning to get really dark with abuse, eating disorder and addiction. He found me on Facebook when I was 25 and he was 28 and we started talking and hit it off and immediately began dating. I was in a really bad place working as a stripper, webcamming, abusive relationships, anorexia, and addicted. He got me clean and showed me I deserved better than the life I was living. The first day we hung out together was the first day I didn’t drink or [take illegal substances] in years. I felt safe and like I could be myself without judgement or worrying about if he would hurt me. It was hard to get used to a healthy relationship after being so used the toxic lifestyle I had been living and I definitely was not easy to deal with for the first while.
We have now been together almost 8 years and married for almost 2. We have 3 children and live a quiet life in the country and I’m thankful everyday to have found him. We may not be rich or have lots of fancy things, but we have true love and loyalty and I feel safe for the first time in my life after finding him. I have purpose and my life has meaning. He is our rock and the best man I know.


Image source: anon, Scott Webb

We are married!! He is snoring on the bed behind me while I’m on Reddit, lol.

It still blows my mind that I ended up with him.


Image source: mntnsrcalling70028, Iqbal farooz

He disappeared off social media, moved somewhere really remote and hasn’t kept in touch with any of his many, many friends for some reason. Last I heard not married and no kids.


Image source: FrogginBullfish_, Markus Spiske

Turned out we were both gay. Most hilarious breakup I’ve ever had. Hands down the best, but we fell out of touch. But yeah he said something along the lines of, “I don’t know how I feel about kissing women, but I have enjoyed sex with men,” and I gotta say I felt about the same way reversed. Every man I’ve ever thought I liked has been extremely gay. And I didn’t start dating women until after high school.


Image source: SnoBunny1982, cottonbro studio

He died. He went in for a common surgery, some kind shoulder rotator cuff thing, and developed a pulmonary embolism. It can happen to anyone after surgery. He went to recovery, was discharged from the hospital two days later, then died in his sleep that night at home. He was 35 years old.

He co-owned a local Irish Restaurant and pub with his best friend. Never married, no kids, but adored his siblings children. He was a d**k when we were young, but grew up to be a pretty nice guy.


Image source: anderc4, Engin Akyurt

She was a mom of two kids. I have no idea who the father is/was, but she od’d on what I assume is [illegal substance] though the town paper doesn’t officially say. She is the third person in my high school class of only 90 kids to pass from this. She was a smart and pretty girl who brightened any room. I was in shock when I heard. Don’t do d***s people.

Edited a word, I’m a bad speller!


Image source: Jco7193, Emma Bauso

He ended up marrying his cousin. Same last name and everything. They have two kids. I dodged a bullet in not actually dating him. But then again we wouldn’t have ended up together because we aren’t related enough I guess.


Image source: 4PurpleRain, Alex Green

He married someone other than me. We did date and break up. He has put on a considerable amount of weight. Six years into his marriage to his wife he reached out to me on Facebook to rant about how bad his marriage was. I told him I wasn’t his therapist and he should probably go talk to a professional if things were not working out.


Image source: BellaLeigh43, Josh Willink

I actually dated my crush for a bit, until I left the state for college. Parted as friends. He went to school locally and became an elder-services social worker. After a failed marriage with the girl he dated right after me, he found his person. She’s great and has a daughter he loves as his own and is hugely involved in raising. He’s one of the good ones.


Image source: AlvinTaco, Sora Shimazaki

Man, if you had asked this 5 years ago I would have said, living exactly the charmed upper middle class life everyone expected him to live. Degree from a good university, beautiful wife, beautiful home, kids, trips abroad. The good life.
Came to find out he was subsidizing that life with a smidge of fraud and a touch of addiction to prescription pain medication. We’re talking a federal investigation.
Truly the biggest shock of my life.


Image source: Particular_Island_44, Emma Bauso

Married to an army officer. I happen to know the guy. I still pray to god for her happiness.


Image source: AIRA18, Ron Lach

She was my high school crush, kind, caring, just full of life. We’ve become close friends, I proposed but she chose the other guy. Wish them nothing but happiness. They were married until she came home and found her husband in bed with his coworker, went into a social media breakdown for a couple of months until she disappeared completely. Last I heard she moved to another city to begin a new life. If I weren’t married I’d go after her like in the movies. Sherry wherever you are I hope you found happiness.


Image source: HotJavaColdBrew

Successful. He’s now the nursing director at some hospital.


Image source: Ok_Lifeguard_6508, Pavel Danilyuk

Dead. Liver cancer. While still at high school.


Image source: mimosabloom, Specna Arms

Every single guy I had a crush on in high school either joined the military or became super religious or some combination of both. Something to unpack there, I’m sure. .


Image source: anon, Polina Tankilevitch

She just had a baby and is happily married I never told her.


Image source: plush_princess5, Anna Shvets

Became a neurosurgeon with a very good looking wife + 2 children. He was a super sweet and nice guy to all with really good looks. All the girls were smitten.


Image source: FloralBallerina_, Inzmam Khan

She [took her own life]. Found out later she had a crush on me too. F**k life sometimes.


Image source: SerpentineArcher, Ron Lach

She’s an award winning filmmaker.

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