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10+ People Who Found A Brilliant Way To Save Their Christmas Trees From Their Jerk Cats And Dogs

Published 9 months ago

#11 I Figured Out A Solution

Image source:  coleandmarmalade

#12 Christmas Are Protected

#13 Christmas Tree In Saran Wrap, Cat Proof Level Over 9000

#14 Dog Proof

Image source: dogloverstore

#15 Our Christmas Tree Thanks To The Worlds Highest Jumping Kitten

Image source: Bill & Vicki T

#16 No, This Tree Isn’t Half Done — It’s Done

#17 Cat Proof Christmas Tree

#18 Our Cat Proof And Environmentally Conscious Christmas Tree. Turn A Tomato Cage Upside Down, Add A Blanket, And Laugh At The Situation

Image source: Julianne Ruth

#19 Our Dog Proof Tree

Image source: tracys_thriving

#20 My Buddy Decided To Cat-Proof His Xmas Tree

Image source: Cowybuga


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