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Gods From Classical Paintings Transported To The Streets Of Ukraine

Published 6 years ago

Classical art is somewhat removed from the daily bustle of our lives. But Alexey Kondakov takes the subjects from the paintings of yore and transports them to the streets of Kiev.

Unlike this project we wrote about earlier, Kondakov’s project 2 Reality is all photo manipulation. Yet it does a good job of portraying the people, gods, and fairies of classical paintings as partaking in our daily lives.

Transposed as they are, they gain new meaning through our filter of experiences in urban life. That is, their revelry reeks of cheap booze and irritates us on public transport – why can’t those nymphs behave – and their sadness is the sadness of the modern man, born from unsatisfactory employment and late plumbers.

Kondakov currently works as an art director for Natus Vincere, an e-sports club. He came up with the idea for the project in a museum. While there, he observed that people in classical projects were feasting just the same as modern people are. That’s why they were transported into the modern life of Kiev.

I’m quite sure that I have yet to see any satyrs around, though.

More info: Facebook (h/t: fubiz)

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