30 People Caught On Camera Being Totally Clueless (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Gear up for some hilarious captures of people being outrageously clueless below. While we all have some ordinary moments where we’ve ended up displaying a lack of common sense or having a brain fart, this is just a reminder that you are not alone and we can’t always be elegant and put -together in public and sometimes are bound to get caught in flagrante.

From a selection of screenshots, to people being adeptly caught on candid camera in the act itself, these pics are sure to give you a giggle or at least an eyebrow raise to think that such folk really do live in the world amongst us.

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#1 Parenting Can Be Tough At Times

Image source: omotomilola

#2 I Mean, How Stupid Can People Be?

Image source: Ill_Earth8585

#3 This Girl At The Airport Waits Until The Queue Moves All The Way Forward To Move. People Confronted Her And She Said “It’s The Same If I Move Now Or Later”

Image source: reddit.com

#4 They Painted The Shadow

Image source: nikazmil

#5 The Husband Will Have To Explain A Lot

Image source: DaFunkJunkie

#6 When You Don’t Even Know What You’re Fighting For

Image source: IrateDomination

#7 Math Is A Myth

Image source: _-ZORO-_

#8 Scientific Name = Poison

Image source: Bonelesszeeebra

#9 Cancel Culture

Image source: Mr__O__

#10 So I Came Out Of The House At 5 This Morning And I Saw This Bloke Leaning On A Wall With A Walking Stick I Thought He Must Be Out Of Breath

Image source: No-Glove1428

Just went back out and he was still there I shouted mate you alright? No reply, so I walked over to check on him and it was a trampoline net hanging over the wall.

#11 Clueless Karen

Image source: Surinaamer

I do want to specify that the employee knew English. He was trying his best to get his message across. It’s just that he spoke in broken English, which the woman couldn’t understand. But everyone else in the vicinity, including myself, could.

#12 This Guy

Image source: xxFren

#13 Guy Thinks Pounds Aren’t Currency

Image source: Willytay85

#14 Over A Year Ago I Bought A Kettle That Had A Short Plug Lead, Today I Found This

Image source: TheWeirdDude-247

#15 How Is This Even Possible

Image source: floweychloe

#16 She Really Can’t Be That Stupid. She’s A Liar… Err, Lawyer

Image source: jor3lofkrypton

#17 The Mystery Of The Exploding Cheese

Image source: ivanvanrio

#18 That’s 668 People Who Lack Critical Thinking

Image source: beerbellybegone

#19 Complimentary Biscuits 0/10

Image source: hotelluxband

#20 I Desperately Want The Backstory Behind This

Image source: okwildlifedept

#21 Now Your Own Decisions Belong To A Man You Haven’t Met

Image source: WillfullyOnerous55

#22 Treat Your Kids Well, Then They’ll Start To Love You

Image source: TenselyTrusty

#23 Lemme Ask You This

Image source: Puzzleheaded_Bee_571

#24 Do You Consider This A Human Being?

Image source: ckgjfxfcgb

#25 There’s A Thin Line Between Confidence And Stupidity And This Guy’s Way Over That Line

Image source: riggsbarstool

#26 German Climate Activists Glue Themselves To The Conductor’s Stand At A Concert. The Stand Is Removable So They Were Taken Offstage

Image source: purple-circle

The concert continued after a 30-second interruption.

#27 He Isn’t Very Good At Hints

Image source: TheRookieGetsACookie

#28 What’s The Problem?

Image source: StrokeRN18

#29 Yeah, Sure

Image source: twitter.com

#30 Indian Billionaires

Image source: Final-Description625





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