Co-Sharing To Split Office Rental Bills

Published 8 years ago

Offices are available on commercial basis these days, and the demand is relatively high too. After all, who does not need an office these days? Take any example like business, freelancing firms, government departments, offices, banks, and what not you can count of.

In other words, every one of us, directly or indirectly possesses the need of a personal or company’s office. Having one focuses core attention on the task itself.

Purchasing an office is not solution for most

Everyone will agree to the fact that most of us are not financially so strong that we can purchase our own office, and not a rented one. To get a good and large office (which is basically everyone’s requirement), you will have to pay a handsome amount. In modern cities, the cost of ownership of even the basic office with no amenities hovers in the range of Crores. Therefore, one cannot consider owning an office as a standardised solution.

Rentals-Those too are costly

Rentals are also starting to become costly these days. In the early stages of ownership, there is not any income source that one will be able to match the cost of the rental. So, the ultimate solution is to rent an office on co-sharing basis.

Of course,that is possible

Co-sharing a furnished office space in Bangalore is relatively new. There are various rental agencies, which will find out such a rental office space for you. The concept of co-sharing is very simple. Two or more persons who are looking to rent an office space collectively pay the rent of the office space, in the agreed ratio. In accordance, the space available in the office is designated according the space divided.

This helps reduce the overall burden that rests on the shoulders of the main rent payer. With the rental divided, the financial condition will be in a much more stable term. Following is the list of advantages that you can gain by co-sharing your office workspace:

• Flexibility of maintenance: If a group of persons renting the office space agrees mutually, then the maintenance can be adjusted. For example, one can take care of the lighting, furniture, who will open or close the office shutters, and who will pay for the maintenance expense for the current month, etc.

• No ownership issues: It is commonly seen that if a place is jointly purchased by two or more, there arises certain issues after time. One person will not be good with the other one or the third may occupy more space. Even in some cases arise where one person demands ownership on his name rather than collectively. Such issues can be avoided by co-renting an office space.

• Financial feasibility: A co-rented office space is far more feasible than renting the space solely. Rents, maintenance, damages, all can be split between the tenants, right?


To end, co-rented places are far better than investing in a rented place or purchasing a place. Such places will surely be less in number currently, but investing some time will save you a thousand problems in future.

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