Coca-Cola’s Holiday Cans Have Cleverly-Hidden Designs That Will Make You Smile

Published 6 years ago

Although many brands like to change their packaging into something a little more festive near the holiday season, no one is ever as inventive as Coca-cola.

The brand that prides themselves on having come up with the concept of a nice, caring Santa Claus in a red and white costume, has always puts a lot of effort in their holiday advertising campaigns. This year, they hired Noma Bar, an Israeli artist who is famous for using negative space in his artwork, to create the holiday version of the brand’s coke cans. Bar adorned them with a family of cute polar bears while incorporating clever Coca-cola related details into the design.

Regular, Zero, Life, and Diet – all cans have changed their looks for Christmas and those adorable eyes and shiny noses are hiding something that only the sharpest eyes will notice. Scroll down below to see the new designs.


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These festive Coca-Cola cans have fun hidden images woven into their sleek designs

Can you spot them? (Hint: Think of a cold, refreshing bottle of the drink in question)

Bottles on their glistening noses…

And negative space images of open Coca-Cola bottles…

“I realized that I was not just drawing bears, but landscapes as well,” Bar said

“The illustrations… capture special holiday moments of family togetherness”

Image credits: DelishDotCom


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