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Published 8 years ago

Just like any other hobby or art or practice, coin collecting also has its own specific terminology or the set of lexicons that helps the collectors to discuss the coins. These words are highly used while understanding the coins, looking for them, reading about them and also in shopping for them. Not only for the adults, is being used to with the coin vocabulary essential for the junior collector also. Coin collecting albums for kids also contain many words and terms that are needed to be understood by kids. Let’s get started:

Numismatics: Numismatics is the technical word for the coin collecting that includes collecting, studying and analyzing the money (coins and paper currency). In the general language, numismatics meant by money or coin related items.

Edge: Coins has two faces obverse (front / heads) and reverse (back / tails). The edge is also an important point in numismatics as it determines the quality and monetary value of a coin. There are some coins like United State’s Presidential $ 1 coins that have words, symbol and design on their edge.

Alignment: This term represents the manner in which the obverse and reverse of a coin are lined up with each other. Each side has its own up direction that shows the picture and writing in right side up. If we observe the coins carefully, then we can see the two types of alignments in the coins. When we flip a coin left to right and find that the back is right side up, then the coin has medal alignment and if the back is upside down then it is the coin alignment.

Grade: It is the condition of a coin that indicates its good or bad position. A clean and shiny coin with very little wearing and few stretch marks is called a high grade coin. On the other hand, a coin with scratches, cuts, nicks and worn down is a low grade coin. The coins with higher grade are specially preferred by the con collectors due to their immense value and appearance. Here is the grading scale for coins:

• P=Poor

• F=Fail

• AG=Almost Good

• G=Good

• VG=Very Good

• VF=Very Fine

• EF or VF= Very Fine

• AU=Almost Uncirculated

• U or Unc=Uncirculated

• BU=Brilliant Uncirculated

Cull: A cull is a coin that is badly damaged, worn down and not preferred for collecting. These types of coins have lost their engraving and designs and pattern over them. While buying the coins, supplies and Coin collecting albums for kids, you will surely not want to have them in your or your kid’s collection.

Composition: It meant by the composition of metals used in making of the coin. Generally 2 or more metals are composited in manufacturing of a coin. This composition may be given in percentage or sometimes only in just metal. As per changing market price of the coins the composition changes time to time without changing the design of a coin.

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Coin collecting albums for kids

Coin collecting albums for kids

Just like any other hobby or art or practice, coin collecting also has its own specific terminology or the set of lexicons that helps the collectors to discuss the coins.

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