Modular POD Tents Connect To Build A Tent Town

Published 9 years ago

We expect space colonies to be an interconnected series of buildings. Just like these POD tents! They come in two sizes: the Maxi can fit eight (or four, if you buy the inner sleeping cell), and the Mini can sleep four. However, they can be connected with POD tunnels, which means that you can turn any amount of tents into one tent complex. Never go outside while you are in the great outdoors!

POD tents are the brain child of Jason Martin Thorpe, from Cambridge, England. He’s a creative man, always on the lookout for new opportunities. “One of my moto’s is ‘Just because things have always been done that way it doesn’t mean that’s the best way it can be done’,” Thorpe wrote on his Kickstarter profile. He sees POD tents as the perfect living solution for festival-goers who want to keep their friends together and protect their precious camping space.

More info: | facebook | twitter (h/t: inhabitat)

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A look the tent system:

A walk through connected Maxi and Mini tents:

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