This Camper Expands Three Times In Just 20 Seconds With A Click Of A Button

Published 9 years ago

If only caravans were like tiny magic houses that were easy to transport until unfolded. Which is exactly the point of the 3X caravan. This jaunty little number is 4m2 (43 feet), but, at the press of a button, the telescopic sides slide out, growing to the size of 12m2 (129 feet). The owner doesn’t have to do anything themselves – the furniture is designed with folding in mind. Thought I bet that children will find a way to jam the system with a squeaky toy.

The 3X is produced by BeauEr, the company of Eric Beau. “It was whilst I was enjoying the small caravans of the sixties that the idea came to make a little caravan in a market that has known no real innovation in years,” he told a camping website, saying that campers nowadays expected better amenities. 3X is so far only sold in France, but there are plans for expansion into foreign markets.

There are two more models in the works: 3XC is going to be a camper van, and 3X+ an extremely upscaled version of 3X.

More info: facebook (h/t: mymodernmet)

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The 3XC Camper Van Is Planned To Be Released This Year:



The 3X+ Is The Jumbo Version Of 3X Planned For Next Year


Here’s A Video Of 3X Collapsing Itself:

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